Why You Need Explainer Videos in Your Marketing Strategy

What-is-marketing-strategyMarketing is all about increasing awareness about a product or a brand to increase sales. Thebest marketing strategiesare what get this goal accomplished effectively. Marketing that involves images and alternative visuals are far more effective than those that only incorporate text. But better than that, marketing that includes pictures in motion or animation is far more effective. According to Kasra Design, a quality video can go a long way in a short period of time. Furthermore, Google’s latest algorithm gives priority to sites that contain videos due to the fact that most web surfers prefer videos than any other form of content. Explainer videos show their intended audience the process involved in an activity or the value of a product. Let me show you why they are crucial to the success of your marketing strategy.

More Effective Communication

As indicated earlier, marketing that involves videos or motion pictures is more effective than marketing that involves other types of contents. Video, more often than not, will also contain audio. That means two senses are stimulated at once; sight and hearing. In communication, the more senses are stimulated during the delivery of a message, the higher the chances are that the message will have a deeper impact on its recipients, will be better understood, and easily remembered. Video is more stimulating and interesting to its audience due to the pictures in motion. They grab the attention of the intended audience and make them more engaged in whatever the message of the video is. Explainer videos incorporate this concept to illustrate the process of an activity that your company does or illustrate how a particular product is useful to your intended market. This helps your audience understand your products better; hence, increasing sales.

Entertain, Excite, and Inspire Your Audience

Sales tactics and strategies have been around for decades now. Anyone who’s old enough to purchase anything has already been bombarded with various marketing techniques that they can sniff them out from miles away. That’s why just using conventional techniques such as one to one marketing might not be a bright idea after all. Explainer videos make use of humor, wit, illustrations, and various animation techniques to deliver your message to your audience in a fun and entertaining manner. This is unconventional since not many people do things this way, and it works like a charm. Explainer videos are short and to the point. They get the message delivered instantly, and the best thing is that they leave a lasting impact on their recipients. Everyone will remember a video that is entertaining, inspiring, and educative. The effect a video has on your audience will last and make them associate your company with fun and quality offerings.


Distinguish Yourself from The Competition

While your competition is busy with different forms of marketing, make use of an explainer video company to differentiate your business. By using explainer videos, you can create customized videos that are unique and echo the style and culture of your company to send out messages that help your intended market better understand your business, brand, and products. From this perspective, your business will stand out and your market will be able to distinguish you from your competitors.

Increase Sales and Awareness Of Your Product or Brand

As explicated previously, explainer videos help your intended audience better understand what your business is offering. They are also fun, entertaining, exciting, inspiring, and above all, educational. These qualities will grab the attention of your intended audience making them want to be more involved with your business and what it’s offering. This will help you increase sales. As sales increase, it helps to increase the awareness of your product or brand. It is a win-win situation. Moreover, when your audience loves your videos, chances are that they will want to share the videos with their friends, and just like that, you’ll start the ripple effect, and before you know it, everyone is talking about your company and its products.

Explainer videos have been around for a short while now but not everyone has realized their potential and impact. I could say that they are the future of marketing but they are already here, and that makes them the way to go as far as the present is concerned. They are fun, exciting, entertaining, informative, and memorable. These are the features that make them essential, effective, and reliable as part of your marketing strategy. It’s time for you to embrace explainer videos to change the future of your company.

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