Why use a quality email address checker in your newsletter?

Starting to engage in advertising activities, one of the first ideas that may come to mind for a novice marketer may be the idea of using newsletters. And, indeed, this type of advertising seems quite cheap and affordable, compared to paid newspaper advertising or at least advertising placed on banners within an institution, district, or even region. It seems that nothing could be simpler.

However, it may turn out that this type of advertising will be extremely ineffective, and it will also turn out that the labour costs for implementing such a project will not be small at all. Since in addition to the implementation of the mailing list itself (SPAM), it will first turn out that such a database must first be collected. But this does not frighten some novice marketers, as they have probably already seen a lot of offers to buy databases of email addresses and just ‘profitable’ advertising offers about newsletters that are quite affordable for ordinary entrepreneurs.

What about checking the email database is up-to-date?

Of course, this is also not a problem, novice marketers will say, because they have probably heard about various services for checking such a database, such as bulk email verifier, which is easy and convenient to work with.

And, of course, I would like to envy such a marketer who has foreseen all such nuances, to envy his energy and wish him luck in his business. However, I would like to remind such a great specialist about the main problems of such a business and why he should be quite careful with the purchase of an emails list and what is important to consider.

  1. The newsletter is not something to be expected. Unfortunately, people are not waiting for your mailing list. And therefore, when you try to surprise them with new exciting products for them and induce them to place an order, you can reasonably expect them to be annoyed with your activity.
  2. The risk of losing a domain reputation and being blacklisted. The marketer should be aware that SPAM is not a desirable type of advertising that people can perceive somehow normally, especially when they are busy with working on their computer or just relaxing with it a little. There has been a struggle against SPAM for a long time – not only at the level of ordinary ‘Black Lists’ blocking a domain by its IP address, but also antiviruses, search engines and even our Internet browsers. You need to understand that if the spammer’s IP gets into the blacklist of at least one mail service, then it will be challenging for him to work with it in the future, and it is unlikely that any technical support will help him later. And if the mailing domain is in the stop-lists of search engines, then the site will start having problems with its search ranking, which can never be restored, i.e. all this can cost an entrepreneur a pretty penny.
  3. Breaking the law. Yes, SPAM is already illegal for some countries, and this item is spelt out in the user agreements not only of the sender but even of their recipients. Therefore, it is hardly worth taking a mailing list on a purchased database as a good advertising experiment.

But such mailings are so popular, and why is everyone making them?

Naturally, having an established client base, it is quite logical to notify your clients, counterparties and even potential buyers about new products in the field of your services and new trade offers. Such a mailing list seems quite decent and harmless for doing any business, since its recipients will not be random people and who will not be complained about you.

Nevertheless, for the correctness of such mailing, you must be quite careful and use only high-quality email address checker so that your advertising campaigns will be truly effective and not put your business at any risks.

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