Why Infographics Are Important?

infographic importanceThis is the age of Big Data where 1.5 billion pieces of content, 140 million tweets, and 2 million videos are being created every day. Thanks to the advent of information technology we are surrounded by data everywhere. We are constantly made to face large volumes of data in the form of numbers, statistics, text, etc. We struggle to collate, curate and present large volumes of data. The challenge is to present data in such a way so as to make it easily understandable to anyone and everyone reading it.

That’s where Infographics comes to our rescue. Infographics are nothing but a visual presentation of complex data with a combination of texts, numbers, graphs and some images. Data, when presented in its raw form, are difficult to comprehend and interpret. Infographics make it easy for the readers to understand data easily and quickly.

Little wonder then that Infographics have become a popular medium of content marketing. Almost every industry needs to present data in an effective manner to communicate and engage its customers and therefore Infographics are the answer.

Here are some of the reasons why Infographics constitute an important part of content marketing:-

  • Compelling and Attractive – Infographics make your content more compelling, convincing and visually more attractive. Infographics make it easier for people to interpret and consume information. Normally people find it difficult to read long texts and data online. Infographics are an ideal combination of texts, figures, and some graphics thereby making your content visually more attractive and easily understandable.
  • Easy to scan and View – The attention span of the online audience is really short. Somewhat between 4-6 seconds on an average. The idea behind engaging content is that it should capture the attention of the audience within that time. People don’t really have the time or patience to read paragraphs. They simply glance through the piece and decide if it’s worth their attention or not. Therefore visuals easily capture peoples’ attention. Creative infographics with just the right amount of text, graphics and figures do the trick here.
  • Higher Possibility of it going Viral – Infographics are attractive visuals. They are available in various image formats and therefore can easily be shared with friends or on social media. The possibility of an infographic going viral is much higher than ordinary text.
  • Link Builder While publishing an infographic an embed code is provided. link builder

This embedded code then creates an automatic link from the website where the infographic is published to yours.

  • Brand Awareness – As stated earlier, an infographic is a visual piece of content. Therefore while designing an infographic you can always include your logo, website, etc. This infographic when shared and published on multiple forums will result in brand awareness.
  • Drives Traffic – Once an infographic is published somewhere and readers go through it, they will be tempted to click and share the infographic. This will help you build link and also drive traffic back to your own website.
  • Helps in Search Engine Optimization As discussed, good infographics help you build link and drive traffic. Both of these are important parameters when it comes to search engine rankings. helpful in seo

This increases your websites’ credibility in the eyes of Google.

  • Established you as an authority – Create a detailed infographic is no easy task especially when there are different aspects like content, design, etc that you need to pay attention to. It requires a thorough understanding and research to first get the content ready with the right amount of text, statistics, etc. Once the content is ready, you will need graphic design skills to be able to depict that content visually with the right amount of color, spacing, images, etc so as to make it attractive and easily understandable by the general readers. The finished output will display your knowledge and understanding of the subject thereby establishing you as an expert in the field.

Infographics, therefore, are of great importance in content marketing. If done right, they can play a crucial role in building your digital presence. The challenge, however, is to create the right infographic. Not all infographics spell success though. Remember that the goal of the infographic is to tell a story. A good infographic will introduce the topic and then go on to explain the idea with the help of texts, numbers, and graphics. Pay attention to the overall design aspect like spacing, fonts, color, and background so as to make it more appealing to the eyes.

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