Why ‘Growth Hacking’ is the Most Important Buzzword in Online Marketing

If you are interested in internet marketing for your own business or website, then you may well have come across the term ‘growth hacking’ in your general research. Growth hacking has become one of the biggest business buzzwords in the industry, but while it may just sound like a fancy term used by marketers to make their work sound complicated, it is actually a very important thing, and one you really need to understand about if you want to attract more customers and make your business flourish in a short space of time.


Here, we take a look at what growth hacking means, where it came from, and what it is and is not:

Growth Hacking and Growth Hackers

The term growth hacking was first spotted in around 2011, though it refers to something that had been going on before that, that simply needed its own name, Silicon Valley software and technology houses started using the terms growth hacking and growth hacker to describe the practice in their businesses of looking for innovative ways to get around the slow, grinding parts of marketing and bring in as many users as possible as easily as possible - in ways that could be repeated to bring in additional growth.

What Growth Hacking Is and Is Not

Growth hacking really refers to a way of approaching growing a business, rather than to a specific methodology or tactic. There are all kinds of things successful businesses have done that can be called growth hacking, but they vary hugely. Growth hacking often involves innovative thinking, so quite often a technique works amazingly well for the first person who uses it, but quickly becomes ineffective as more companies jump on the bandwagon and customers begin to recognise the approach. This means growth hacking is not an out of the box solution for growing a business that you can simply learn and do - it is an ever evolving way of achieving marketing goals by finding unexploited shortcuts and strategies.

Can You Do It For Your Own Business?

If you want to start harnessing the style of growth hacking to help your business grow, then you can either work with a good digital marketing agency who understand brand growth very well, or you can attempt to learn to do it yourself. Be warned though, that growth hacking requires a certain way of thinking and approaching problems, and also some strong technical and analytical skills, and so it is not an easy thing to DIY ‘on the side’ while you are also attempting to run your business. You can get some inspiration from other growth hackers and try some of their ideas as experiments for your business, and this can work very well, but if you want your own unique and innovative growth hacking plan then it is better to use an expert to help you get this!

Growth hacking can, when done well, make a brand an almost overnight success, however it does take some experimentation and also, a very good product or business to work on!

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