Why Brands Choose Instagram for Promotion?

Instagram became a sensation ever since it came out in 2010. It has grown with more than 800 million users. Several brands and businesses connected to the platform ever since they realized it was a great marketing tool. Many of their followers turned into loyal customers, so it helped businesses grow.

The Instagram algorithm is ever-changing and people tend to follow what the site asks for. You can share products, services, and promote what you do, and so on. Instagram is a great platform to market your business for free. It has great potential for brands who want to engage with audiences and get conversion rate.

Why your brand should be on Instagram?

  1. To foster engagement

With possibilities of social media ads, hashtags, and target audience, Instagram helps you reach out to potential prospects. It is a free tool for marketing and helps you reach customers without doing online door-knocking. The accessibility to reach out to the audience has never been easier.

  1. To compete

There are more than 10 million business profiles on Instagram right now. Brands simply need their Instagram profile to Facebook to have their IG business profile. It has become easier to reach out to followers, get likes, keep in touch, and more. You must note that your competitors might already be on their way to grab interest from the audience. Thus, your brand needs to consider this platform much more than an image-sharing marketing tool. You need tools like and increase your reach.

  1. People are interested

As per Instagram, more than 80% of users follow different business profiles and have over 2 million monthly advertisers. There is a lot to be said about the platform and its reach. This is a reason why people turn to this platform to get products. If you don’t use Instagram to market the brand, you will lose the exposure and audience that could have been potential customers. Suppose 30% of users buy products and services from Instagram. Thus, your brand has an opportunity to reach out to people and you are converting viewers to buyers.

  1. It is interesting

People love visual content and that’s why reaching out to customers from Instagram is easy. You can easily entice people with videos and images, compared to content. Instagram helps you streamline your content and make it more understandable to the audience.

  1. Influencer’s reach

Around 80% of influencers in social media prefer to use Instagram over other platforms. Every brand might not want to work with influencers, but you might need them for specific events. Suppose an influencer visits your store, event or location. You could post a ‘shoutout’ or tag them with your brand. If you are not on Instagram, you will miss out on huge reach. You must always ask the influencer before posting their image. They might not like or want to charge for it.

  1. You get customers

More than competitors and influencers, you have customers on Instagram and that is why you’d turn to the platform. Everyone is not cool or familiar with the app, and need to go through several trials and errors. The process is not as overwhelming as you assume it to be. You just need to recognize where you have potential customers.

It is essential to stress on what type of content you post and how you promote your brand on Instagram. You have to think about generating sales and you need to have a strategic approach to it. Choosing this platform will give you a great fortune, especially because it is still growing and has a great potential.

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