What Is Email Marketing and What Are Its Benefits?

Simply put, email marketing is a direct marketing channel through which you keep in touch with an audience and pass it on from the stage of potential customer to current customer with the help of email communication.

Why should you care about email marketing?

If you are interested in social media marketing, you are already used to things. When a new social media platform is emerging, more and more people are aware of it, and then the marketing people are joining it. At first, they have extraordinary results with minimal costs. But then, slowly, they begin to decrease. All this, until they get into situations, as is the case today on Facebook when only 3% of those who give Like see/read the posts.

The truth is that in social media marketing, as well as in other marketing strategies, you do not have control over the communication with the audience. However good things may be at some point, though you still depend on the changes that may occur within these platforms.

Not the case with email marketing. The main advantage of this communication channel is that you have control over the relationship with the audience. No CEO can come and tell you that if you want to reach your audience, you have to pay extra.

Even if, say, you make a switch from one email platform to another, the database with email addresses is yours and you can continue your work without any major problems. If you want to switch from Facebook to Snapchat, though… just imagine!

Apart from the fact that you have control over communication with the audience, email marketing also has other advantages:

a) It can be automated. It is the dream of any entrepreneur or marketing person to have an automatic machine that generates sales. Email marketing is the closest tool to perfection to achieve this.

b) You have low costs. Marketing platforms are much cheaper compared to other methods of marketing. Their costs range from zero to several hundred dollars per month, depending on how many subscribers you have.

c) Very efficient in increasing sales. Email marketing is one of the best online marketing tools to convert potential customers. Especially at the bottom of the sales funnel, there are few better ways to turn potential customers into paying customers.

How email marketing can help you grow your business

Depending on your project, you can use email marketing for different purposes.

If you have a blog, the main purpose is probably to bring people back to the site.

As an online store, you can run direct marketing campaigns or convert those who have abandoned a shopping cart with products in it.

Moreover, there are people who have built an entire business around email and a newsletter.

Let’s see the main applications:

  • Converts a visitor who has abandoned their shopping cart

On average, 69.23% of visitors to online stores will add a product to the basket and then leave without buying. In other words, 7 out of 10 people are very close to buying from you, and yet they leave the website without doing so.

Just imagine how many resources it took to show an advertisement to your target audience, and a very small percentage of them also came to the site and then even added the product to the basket.

  • Bring people back to your site

It is said that it is 10 times cheaper to sell an existing customer again than a new one. The same is true of website visits. Once a person has come to your site, if they have had a pleasant experience, it will be very easy to come back again a second time.

Unfortunately, you often do not have the channels needed to communicate with this visitor again. You can post a new article on our Facebook page, but because of the algorithm, chances are that the ad will never be seen. If the visitor came to us through the search engines, you depend on their algorithms too.

But if you gather an email database, every time you publish a new article you can have within minutes or hours several hundred or even thousands of visitors on this page. However, the emails in the database must be accurate. There are tools such as which allow you to check the emails in bulk.

  • Build relationships with your target audience

Starting from the fact that you have much better control over the communication with our audience, you can better control the messages that reach it. As I said above, on Facebook you publish something and hope that the target audience see the message.

In the email, however, you can think of a suite of emails that will allow us to tell the story to the target audience. You have much greater chances for people to read our messages in the order you want.

  • Ask people to buy

Whether you have an online store or a content business, email marketing is the perfect tool to ask people to take action. By having a direct connection with them, you can control when and how to promote our products or services and they can click to buy directly in the email.

In addition, people are more accustomed to reading email sales ads than Facebook.

  • Build a business

You probably came to this article by reading stories about those who started a blog and got to live on it or even make some pretty money.

There are many examples here, but you should know that there are also businesses that rely solely on email.

If you have any questions, please ask below!