Video Production and Video Marketing from a SEO Perspective

globe, group of the people and notebook on white background“SEO” is a very well known term in the internet marketing field and now it is gaining popularity in the corporate field among entrepreneurs. Do you know why? This is because SEO is the most effective way of getting more business and customers. In other words SEO plays a vital role in getting great ROI. It is the main process in the digital marketing.

There are many kinds of techniques considered in SEO, some of them are social media marketing, PPC, link building, site optimization, etc., but video marketing is the latest strategy in SEO. “Video marketing” as its name suggest is the marketing of business, product or services through the video. Video marketing has a great value in comparison to traditional digital marketing strategies like email marketing and social media. You can kick off the video marketing just with the help of video production. All you have to do is to make an effective, eye catching, meaningful and impressive video about your business. In case you are not sure about what you need, hiring an experiencedvideo production company may be the best call for you. Creating this kind of content takes time, and that is why you want to make sure you earn people’s attention and turn them into your customers.

Applications for video production

There are various kinds of applications and tools that are available for making a video. Vine videos and Instagram are among the two most popular video production sites.

Vine – It is a mobile based application launched by Twitter in January 2013. It allows you to create a six second looping video clip. Although, any email account can be used for the purpose of sign up still twitter would be more preferable as it is faster.

You can capture numerous six seconds video clips and later join them to create a single video. Vine is the latest medium of sharing your videos on social media sites.

Instagram – An application designed for online creating and sharing of videos & photos, was launched in October 2010 by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger. It can be used to capture 15 seconds video clip and can share it on many social media sites like Face book, twitter, Google plus etc. It has many more features like photo sharing, multiple filter options, and image stabilization.

Creating the video with the help of the professional video production company would be a better idea because they are the professional people with sophisticated equipments who can understand your business and its requirements and create a video accordingly.

Video Hosting sites

After creating the video, more than 50 video sharing sites like YouTube, Vimeo, etc. could be used to post the video.

YouTube-Second largest search engine after Google and a very popular video hosting site launched in 2005. A simple sign up with Gmail account will allow you the privilege of posting your video series.

YouTube provides many beneficial features like Call to action, Annotation etc. You can easily convert your viewers into your customers by using call to action feature. Call to action helps to redirect the user to your website while annotation feature helps to add interactive commentary to your videos.

Vimeo – A video sharing social networking site launched in November 2004 where you can upload, share and view videos. It is accompanied with a password protection system which allows you to change your video’s setting like public and private.

What can be demonstrated in a Video?

You can demonstrate your business’s history, official tours, staff introduction, any update about a product, training program, and seminars or, a promotional video describing your services with the help of a narrator who can be either a professional actor or the CEO, staff member of the company.

How to Get Benefit from Video Marketing?

By posting a video on video sharing sites, you will get a long list of feedback by which you will be aware about the interested users, even the suggestions from them about your business will help in improving the your business.

People now days prefer to watch advertisement through video instead of reading about them. A good promotional video can surely help your business to grow.

Video sharing from SEO perspective

From SEO point of view it is necessary to add proper title, tag, description and relevant keywords of a video. It helps to Search engine spiders in knowing about what you want to say through the video.

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