Types of Visual Content to Diversify your Online Marketing Strategy

e-marketing keyAbout a couple of years ago, Google Panda and Penguin updates forced SEO professional around the world to change their content marketing and link building strategies. But the power and efficacy of juicy links have not diminished in spite of all the changes. Sure, you cannot keep posting articles on ezines and expect to get great results though the links, but you can write high quality guest blogs on reputed websites or blogs and get links that matter.

Most content marketers around the world are focusing their efforts on writing guest blogs. This means that there is a lot of clutter and many sites don't accept guest blogs anymore. And some feel that guest blogging can get risky over time. Also, producing top-notch guest blogs requires a lot of time and effort; sometimes, more time and effort than is worth it.

Are you stuck in a rut? Are you’re producing nothing but articles and guest blogs? Here are five unique types of visual content that can help you balance your content marketing effort.

1. SlideShare

For most SEO teams following a conventional approach to online marketing, creating SlideShare presentations is the simplest option. Slide Share, and similar sites, let you upload your PowerPoint presentations. Content posted on SlideShare usually ranks well on Google and also gets a good number of views. You can even use existing corporate presentations after a bit of revision and post them on sites like SlideShare. Creating PowerPoint presentations are the easiest method of creating visual content.

2. Simple Visualizations

Creating an infographic may not be everyone's cup of tea. But anyone can create a cool Venn diagram or a timeline graphic. For instance, a simple Venn diagram showing the elements of good design, and what you would get when different elements mix, can generate a lot of interest. By sharing such content on social media at regular intervals, you can build a loyal audience for your brand.

3. Comic Strips

Comics and cartoons have been popular for almost a century, but only recently have they made their presence felt in the digital marketing world. Comics are entertaining, playful, accessible and easy to read. If you can create comic strips about a niche subject and make them funny & informative, you have a big chance of going viral via social media.

As comic or cartoon strips are not as easy to create as articles to blogs, there is not too much competition in the market. This means that you will find it a lot easier to get them accepted on quality blogs. If you have a team of creative individuals, you can even start contributing comic strips to targeted blogs on a regular basis and build a loyal fan following.

4. Infographics

It is a well-known fact that most people do not read on the Internet - they just scan. That's why good writers try to break down their content in easy-to-bite chunks. Infographics go one step further. They combine images with compact text and visually present information in an easily digestible format. Most websites, even the ones that do not accept guest blogs, are more than happy to publish a unique and well-designed infographic.

There are several free online tools that can help you create infographics. As long as you have a good concept and data, creating simple infographics will not pose much of a challenge. In fact, you can reuse the ideas and information presented in your best articles to create infographics.

5. Videos

Most content marketers are not using videos on YouTube, Vimeo or other sites for marketing purposes. It is a niche that is not crowded. You can create videos that offer solutions or answers to questions that your target audience would generally ask. It would be best if you have a camera-friendly individual who can create a great, personalized video, but you could also create videos from PowerPoint presentations or slides.

Wrapping up

There is no dearth of articles and other text-based content on the Internet. No matter what subject you are targeting, there is very little chance of you finding a topic that someone has not already dealt with in detail. However, there are several ways of presenting the information and different visual techniques that you can use to make your point. By using any of the above content types for your online marketing efforts, you can stand out on the cluttered Internet, diversify your efforts, and make search engines fall in love with you.

Are there other unconventional visual content types that are a part of your content marketing arsenal? Please let us know in the comments!

Rajveer Singh Rathore is a technological passionate and a Specialized Author working at SEO First. I love to spend some time studying about the most latest digital marketing trends news.

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