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Tweaks to Boost Sales and Ecommerce Success

buy-nowWhat's the purpose of an ecommerce website? To have more sales and more profit earned from online customers. For that, high site traffic and high conversion rate are the essentials. Having high sales volume remains the dream of any ecommerce website owner if the right strategies are not opted for in a timely manner. To boost sales, the first important thing is to attract the targeted customers. Several tweaks can help making an ecommerce store conversion-friendly. Some highly beneficial ones are given in the lines below. Read and implement to experience online success.

1. Selling Features: Place Them On Product Pages

These serve as the trust signals. Free shipping or money back guarantee are a big appeal for the online customers and makes their online shopping experience pleasant. Prospects feel at home without fearing of any risk. These icons should be placed on product pages and specifically on header area.

2. Product Reviews: Make A Difference

To have high sales volume, tell the site visitors what others say about your products. Product reviews, if realistic, give the prospects confidence to make a purchase. Get real reviews from the real customers instead of some fake stuff because customers realize what's true and what's exaggerated.

3. Checkout: Provide A Closed System

Once a prospect is in the process of filling the purchase details, remove any distractions, even the site design. Provide a closed system to focus entering the details. Any unnecessary link will take the customer away from the site, so remove them at all from the checkout point.

4. Live Chat: Provide Instant Support

Live chat, a common trend these days, helps reducing the purchase cycle. Customers can talk directly to the support team and share any of their queries that ultimately help quick purchase decisions.

5. FAQ: Explain To Customers

Your business is easy for you and so are the questions that customers may ask. But, your ecommerce website is all about sales, so you need to put customers' hat on in the FAQ section. Address all the questions that customers may have in their mind in this section to reduce the thinking time before making a deal. If your ecommerce store is Magento based then for FAQ management the Magento knowledge base extension can be very helpful.

6. Contact Details: Place Prominently

By prominent placing of the contact details, you are welcoming your customers to ask any question they have in their mind. Phone number is at top of the list that customers may want to see at your website. It will give a real touch to your online shop.

7. Photos And Videos: Reveal Behind The Scene Stories

Behind the scene photos create a real picture of the business and helps in winning over the customer loyalty. You can put some office pictures, team pictures, production or packaging pictures. You can also add videos for further details of a product. A single video, presenting information about the whole company is a good option.

8. Add To Cart Button: Make That Strong

If a customer fails to find an "add to cart" button, or finds that mixed with the web design, it would ends in a frustrating situation. It doesn't mean you should compromise the web design, but make the "add to cart" button strong along with great web design.

9. Product Recommendations: Help Customers In Buying

By giving recommendations about products, you are convincing your customers. You can recommend accessories at the checkout process, which might appeal to the customers. Recommend them your top products, a boosting factor for your ecommerce sales.

10. Wish-list: Make Them Coming Again

Your ecommerce website customer may like one item and place order for that. But, at the same time, he/she may like few other items, unable to buy. Offering the wish-list means you are making them coming again to buy those ‘liked' items.

11. Payment Options: Offer Variety

If you are allowing 1 or 2 payment options at your ecommerce website, you are losing a range of customers who couldn't buy just because that payment option isn't supported in their area. To increase conversions, you should offer multiple payment options to the site customers to facilitate them in buying process.

12. Awards And Media Presence: Showcase At Home Page

Any awards you have won will help building your customer loyalty. Same is about being featured in media outlets. Showcase them at the home page to grab the attention of the targeted customers.

13. Rewards: Offer Generously

By offering generous rewards to your loyal customers, you are giving them a solid reason to come back again. Reward points or system will help you winning over the hearts of the customers and will reflect a good image of your business.

14. Blog: To Build Trust, To Get Traffic

By adding a blog to your website on regular basis, you can give your ecommerce website and brand a personality. It helps in getting more site traffic from search engines and social platforms. Write about your niche, show expertise, and win over trust of the customers.

15. Product Description: The More Is Better

The normal thinking is customers have less time to get into the product details, so the description should be short. In actual, that's not right. There are examples when more product description is needed to convince the customers over buying. Go for more details if and where needed.

16. Offer Coupons: Get Email Subscriptions

The first time customers could be offered subscribing to newsletter and given free coupons. They provide you their email addresses and offer them special discount. Don't make your product cheap by offering extra discounts.

These ideas are meant to boost the traffic and conversion rate of your ecommerce website. Do you think it's complicated to have more conversions at your e-store? It's really not. Whether you own a small business online with one product or range of products and services, use the tips given above to make your website user friendly and conversion friendly. The selection of eCommerce shopping cart plays an important role here like if you are using Magento then you will find huge number of free and premium Magento extensions on the web which can help you to apply those tips effectively and easily. Your ecommerce success isn't far away; what you need is the right approach and right strategies about ecommerce web design, development, marketing, and dealing with customers.

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