Top 6 Profitable Online Business Models in 2015

internet-business-marketingWhen we think of profitable business models in 2015, sometimes unconsciously, we tend to consider those multinational companies with a hierarchic structure and personnel providing great value to customers. I’m not saying that is not true at times, but it does not mean it is a general rule. Many are still unprofitable.

In order to be profitable, a business must meet the following premises:

– To be considered of a great value to users/customers.

– Replicable business model (easily usable by many users).

– Highly scalable business model (the increase in sales or income or imply the same increase in costs or structure).

The top 6 models of profitable online businesses in 2015

Following the 3 characteristics defined above, here are the top 6 examples of profitable online businesses:

1. Affiliates industry: we may already call it an industry due to the growth over the last years (in the US and UK markets). This business is based on something as simple as generating leads and sales of products and services from other portals through your own website. The main feature is that this activity is paid to objectives (CPA: Cost Per Acquisition). The main actors in this business model are the advertisers or companies that claim to sell, affiliates (web pages that offer these products), and affiliate networks (agencies that bring together advertisers and affiliates).

2. Sales of online courses and ebooks: I know it’s not the most genuine business model but if you have to abide by its profitability… it is really worth. This type of sale is highly replicable, once developed the product can be used by thousands of customers and even affiliates.

3. Sales of specialized software or services: (software as a service-SAAS)-this model features high scalability. The costly part is to build the products or services and make them known to customers. Once this goal has been reached, following is unquestionable profitability. An example might be a specialized accounting software or a cloud computing service for enterprise data protection.

4. Dropshipping: a business model focused on the online sale of products where the website does not produce or store the product. This e-commerce model is based on finding a reliable provider, setting your margin, and passing the sales to be accomplished by the provider. No production or storage costs. Doesn’t it sound really profitable? 🙂

5. Online advertising: this is a very broad business model, suitable for any online activity that counts many visits to a web page and is worth showing ads on the respective website. [for fast speeds, you may consider BroadConnect business internet services]. Here are three types of websites that are suitable for online advertising campaigns:

  • Any successful blog has the option to monetize through showing ads.
  • Free games or downloads of mobile apps
  • Free web publishing of articles, tutorials and other types of information

6. Collaborative business model: This type of business is based on buying, selling or exchanging activities between users. It is very profitable to undertake the challenge to build platforms which support such activities and provide users with a wide range of options for meet their needs.

Upon you, which are the most profitable models in online business? Please drop a comment below.

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