Top 10 Ways to Increase Sales of E-Commerce Using Digital Marketing – Ultimate Tips

E-Commerce has become one of a booming business industry in today’s scenario. Commerce (the act of buying and selling products and services) that is based on technological products like mobile, computers, tablets etc is known as E-commerce. This business requires the internet, and this also has upscaled the virtual currency. Today, small-scale industrialists and start-ups have moved on utilizing the internet traffic to enlarge their business scale and customer reach.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is the act of advertising and promoting the products and services using internet facilities and optimizing the internet traffic. Today, since a larger section of society is using internet facilities over their phones, laptops or tablets, it has become vital to optimize internet traffic by marketing the products online. There are various strategies to use digital marketing effectively. Let us discuss few of them here.

  1. Using various social media platforms for marketing

These days many people have become active users of different social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. It is stated that in the United States of America, more than 79% of people have a Facebook account. If there is such a huge number of audiences, then strategizing, developing and optimizing such platforms is an important step. A well-planned strategy can be:

  • Generating customer awareness about the products or services offered.
  • Customer engagement and involvement
  • Providing informative and related content about the services and products offered.
  • Finding leads and connections of related business and increasing customer base through existing customers.
  1. Paid traffic

Paid traffic has also become one of the ultimate ways of increasing sales through digital marketing. It is often misunderstood as an additional expense, but this strategy definitely helps in increasing customer base. The most common paid traffic website used is YouTube!

YouTube advertisements have comparatively high visibility. This option is affordable and through this website, customers can be shown the video about a product or educate them about the product. Videos give a lasting impact on customers.

Others popular websites for paid traffic are Facebook, Twitter Google etc.

  1. Forecasting of sales

The e-commerce sales can be increased by forecasting of increase in sales of a particular product. For example, if a product line sale is anticipated to get a rise in future, it can be placed and promoted beforehand. A sunscreen lotion sale goes high during summers so the product can be promoted digitally before summers so that the product is well placed in a customer’s mind way before they need it.

  1. Reminder about Wishlist and products left in the cart

Many times, people like some items and transfer it to the shopping digital cart but fail to place an order due to various reasons. Or people create a Wishlist and add items to be bought in future.

Through digital marketing, customers can be informed about the offers on their selected items, a gentle reminder mail / SMS can be shared regarding their items left in the cart without paying.

These days many e-commerce websites also inform customers about the offers on items they viewed.

  1. Customer connection and relationship via messages and e-mail

Customer engagement and customer relationship is very important to be built between buyer and seller. Digital marketing provides a platform to maintain this relationship through e-mails and messages. Customers can be informed about upcoming sales or events.

Today, customers even get birthday, anniversary wishes through emails and messages and on their special day they are provided with some special discount. This increases customer satisfaction.

  1. Promoting Up-selling and Cross-selling of products

Upselling is another digital marketing strategy to increase sales. Upselling is a process wherein sellers urge their customers to but a comparatively expensive product or add on to the current shopping cart. For example, while buying a laptop, at the end of payment procedure an add pops-up to buy 2 years of additional warranty. Or while buying any product, an option pops-up of additional service of gift wrapping the product by paying extra money for it. Such strategies help in enhancing the sales figures.

Cross-selling, on the other hand, is suggesting some complementary products to the consumers while they buy a product online. For instance, while buying a mobile phone, automatically the mobile cover option starts displaying on the window.

  1. Customer engagement

Customer engagement is a very important way of capitalizing on the customer base. Understanding their feedbacks and connecting to them personally makes a lot of difference in customer satisfaction. Educating them about the products through good web content of videos is another important step. If customers are satisfied, then positive word of mouth will help in increasing the sales of e-commerce.

  1. SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the major methods to up-scale the sales figures in e-commerce. This is a technique to increase the visibility of a website on search engines

Optimizing right SEO keywords, adding unique and creative title tags etc helps in optimizing the internet space. Good interactive content about services provided and products helps in increasing internet traffic.

  1. Optimizing the content related to products and services

The content about the products is an important part of digital marketing. All information about the products, its qualities, and availability in the market attracts traffic. The content of any website should be crisp, creative, engaging and informative enough to attract traffic. It is said that “Content is the Ruler”, it may help in building trust, Engaging customers and also may not let post-purchase dissonance happen.

  1. Educating customers with related information

Digital marketing strategy should focus on educating the customers about the product and related information. The description should have it all. From replacement policies to product’s complete information about technology, its applications, its various usages etc. there are websites who have started a “Live Chat” option to provide immediate support. This enhances customer interaction and resolves their queries instantly. This new age strategy has become quite popular.

Final thoughts:

Digital marketing is not a rocket science. It is just an art to understanding customer’s requirement and providing solutions accordingly. Smart and well planned digital marketing strategy will not only help in increasing sales figures but also upscale the customer loyalty and customer satisfaction.

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