Top 10 Reasons Why You Need a Newswire Distribution Service

New business owners have this question in their mind, “Do I need to use a newswire distribution service?” Press release distribution services come with a fee.

Not just a small fee. Each feature offered by a service means added cost for a marketer. Is it worthwhile to spend for this marketing tactic?

Let’s look at how we are going to answer the question above.

Using a Newswire PR distribution service is beneficial not only for large companies but startups as well. Small companies that are just new in the business can get their needed exposure and reach.

If you are a new business, not a lot of people know your brand. You may need to do an extra effort to get your business name out in the public. Only a few people may have heard your brand.

Distributing releases is the best method to promote a new business.

It is a common practice to a lot of large companies to use a newswire service whenever they have an announcement to make, they are involved in a crisis, or something significant came up in the business.

  • Launching of a new business
  • Launching of a new product or service
  • Change of address
  • Collaboration or partnership
  • Change of business address or new building acquisition
  • Reporting the result of a study or research
  • Milestone
  • Managing a company’s reputation
  • Sponsorship or charitable work
  • Speaking engagement
  • Conferences and seminars
  • White paper
  • New hires
  • Introduction of new methods

If you aren’t decided yet to use a press service, let’s discuss the reasons why you should include it in your marketing plans.

  1. You gain immediate exposure.

If you are a new business, you can get your news in front of your target audience through releases. It is the best way to gain immediate exposure of your product, service, event or a significant happening in your business.

When written and distributed right, it can position your product or service on top of the market. You can gain edge over your competitors in the industry.

Not only that, people would become familiar with your brand. Distributing releases regularly can help spread awareness.

Exposure can lead to awareness and then trust. It’s important to gain the trust of potential buyers and investors because it’s how your business would grow.

  1. Your marketing plan is most likely to succeed.

Writing and distributing releases is part of a bigger marketing plan. It is part of marketing tactics to gain higher sales, increase leads and boost site traffic.

It is one of the best tools to increase visibility, and become a household name. There are a lot of benefits that issuing releases can offer.

  1. It promotes your sales.

Another reason why you should make it as part of your marketing strategies is because it provides momentum for your sales. When people are aware of your product and services, they can easily choose you over other options in the market.

This is why highlighting the benefits that your product and services can offer a valuable impact in your sales. When you write your release, you should be able to point out the pain points of your audience. From there, position how your product or service can solve their problems.

Once they have gained trust, and have found out how they can benefit from you, there’s a possibility that they would move into the buying process. When you issue a release, include a call-to-action (CTA) on how they can buy your product.

Without a CTA, it would be difficult for the audience to know how they can purchase. CTA is what would inspire them to take an action after reading your announcement.

  1. You become more visible.

When you use a press service, you become more visible in the internet. Major publications and authoritative sites that publish your content send backlinks to your site that boost your search rankings.

Apart from that, Google rewards well-written releases that answer inquiries by positioning it on top of the search engine result pages (SERPs). When this happens, your site becomes more visible to the users.

Furthermore, using relevant keyword optimizes your content. When people type a search term (keyword) that is used in your content, it boost your site on the top search rankings.

It is very important for a business to be visible. If your business can’t be seen online, it limits your capability to gain sales and promote brand awareness.

  1. You can become an industry leader.

One reason why some marketers issue releases is to show and share their expertise in their field. If you are skilled and have experience in a certain field, write about it.

Write topics that highlight what you know. Point out how it can help improve the lives of your audience, or solve their problem. You can write a content that is designed to offer new information,

Keep in mind that that it is not an overnight work. If you want to become a thought leader, you need to write newsworthy and relevant content from time to time. You need to be visible in the eyes of the public.

They wouldn’t trust a brand if they can only see you once in a blue moon. If this is your goal, you have to show your expertise. Choose great topics to discuss.

Join conversations online. Build relationship with the press, influencers, potential customers and investors.

  1. Your news is distributed far and wide.

Not all marketers can see this benefit. When you use a distribution company, your news can reach varied locations, sites and search engines. Journalists subscribed to a newswire can get your news right away.

It can be distributed to social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Google +. You can reach people who are impossible to reach if you didn’t use a service.

Your story can be syndicated in a newswire own site. It can be syndicated in major news and media outlets.

One viral story can make your site popular. You don’t need a lot of media coverage. Just one publicity is enough for you to reach people and places.

  1. You can reach your target audience.

There are many content strategies that you can use to reach your target readers. One effective way is releases.

When you issue relevant content, you can have the assurance that it reaches people who are more likely to care about your news. It’s because newswires offer geographic targeting. It is also industry-specific.

You can target people you want to reach, whether they are in the local, regional or national level. You can target people in other countries with the language translation feature provided by these companies.

  1. You can get more visitors to your site.

There’s more to having more visitors to your site. When people flock to your site, it means that your content is optimized for the users and the search engines.

If you want to build site traffic, you need first to write a great content. Keep your release brief, newsworthy, written following the standard format, free from jargons, has multimedia elements, and CTA.

Provide value proposition in your content. When your content has value it will be automatically promoted on top of the rankings.

Include one to two links in your release that point to a landing page on your site. But don’t overdo it. Including more than three links can flag you as spam.

  1. You can build valuable relationships with the press.

Using newswires, you can get near journalists who are more likely to write your story. Their network of journalists can automatically receive your story each time they syndicate it.

Journalists searching for sources of story ideas can find you. It can initiate in building ties that can benefit both of you.

Journalists are busy people. Making their work easier by offering good information and resources can enhance your relationship with them.

Don’t expect for an overnight success. Relationships need t be nurtured. It is a continuous process.

Once you get into their radar, take care of that relationship. Continue to offer help, even if you don’t have any story idea to pitch. If they remember you, they can just call you one day when they have decided to cover you.

  1. You can manage your reputation.

What makes a release different from a blog or article? A press release is designed to get the message of a brand to their target audience. In short, the brand is the one that has the power or control over their message.

In times like crisis, issuing a release can help mitigate the problem. It helps a company air their side through their official statement. Since they are the one writing it, they can say what they need to say using their own language and voice.

If a problem happens, a brand can issue it to make their audience feel that they are seriously handling the matters. It can stop any problem from escalating since a brand can simply put their own explanation in an official statement.

If you have any questions, please ask below!