Tired of the Affiliate Angle? Try These Two Marketing Types Instead

digital marketing agency in hyderabadThere are dozens of different digital marketing platforms and vehicles to fit whatever project you have in the pipeline. In fact, it’s in your best interest to explore as many as possible to not only diversify your lead generation but to also appease your creativity & grow your skill set.

You’ve heard endlessly about:

· Social media marketing

· Search engine marketing

· Affiliate marketing

But what about the others that aren’t part of the normal discussion? What about cost-per-action (CPA) offers or using bots & digital assistants for the project? The basic premise behind the dozens+ options of digital marketing remain the same – generating sales – so you’re off to a strong start. All that’s needed is a small shift in how it’s done and you’ve suddenly unlocked a new and exciting opportunity.

The Two Digital Marketing Strategies Worth Noting

For some people, certain strategy just seems to *click*; they nail the strategy and make that their mastery. Others must explore the wide array of opportunities until they’ve found one that works.

I want to share two that may be the ones that work:

CPA Offers & Networks

CPA networks host hundreds to thousands of offers (a specific product you’re promoting) across dozens of verticals (a type of product you’re promoting). Unlike affiliate marketing, CPA offers convert and payout when an individual takes an action such as submitting an email or filling out a survey. It’s why it’s called “cost per action” marketing.

It’s not the traffic generation that matters, because if you’re already experienced with sending leads to an offer, then you have 90% of what’s needed to do well with CPA marketing. The challenge is choosing CPA offers and networks that provide the best opportunities and payout.

The best CPA networks are choosy with who are allowed on the platform. This ensures quality offers from businesses because there are experienced marketers that deliver. If you get into big ones like Peerfly, MaxBounty, or Clickbooth your best course of action is to talk with your handler/manager to get a quick insight of what’s working and their recommendations.

Then, turn on the traffic faucet and watch the leads (and sales) pour in.

Bots & Digital Assistants

Chatbots have reached a tipping point in complexity and usefulness. The artificial intelligence and extensive coding behind recent iterations have made the experience of interacting with a bot feel very life-like – ex. Siri, Alexa, Cortana – which does wonders for community engagement.

People know they’re talking to bots but the conversation flows well enough (and info is spot on) that people aren’t resistant with their interactions. These bots have a variety of uses whether it’s providing answers to trivia or helping someone find the best deals on a product.

Do you see where this is going?

Imagine programming a chatbot that provides information and product/service suggestions, from your Facebook page (or other social platforms), that points to lead generation and/or sales pages. This is possible with services provided by Smooch, Botsify, Chatfuel, and almost a dozen others.

Want to make it personal?

Digital assistants (outsourced anywhere in the world) can work from scripts but given enough flexibility to interact with leads, customers, and other interested parties. These interactions provide an equal experience – with content and offer sharing – but is natural due to the human behind the screen but still hard lined and efficient with scripting.


The beauty of the two is that if you have any experience with digital marketing then you can easily take them for a trial run. Apply traffic strategies, engage the audience, swap the offer, track, and make improvements. They’ll provide a healthy challenge and an incredible opportunity to earn. Give ‘em a try!

If you have any questions, please ask below!