The Importance of Updated Content for SEO

Content is the king of web positioning, known asSEO. And it is that content marketing has become a fundamental part of anyonlinestrategy that is going to be designed and developed.

Content Marketing

Content Marketing is responsible for enhanced visibility of a website, to show users what you offer them. In addition, Google will rate your brand in the best possible way.

The algorithms that search engines usechange quite frequentlyto prevent people and companies from cheating on their website rankings. A few years ago it was enough to add a short text that included the keyword you wanted to rank for.

What search engines value

Today, and mainly due to the great competition that exists, search engines value more the web pages contain information that is useful. Users are always looking for relevant content that has real social goals. In addition, it is important that the information is updated periodically.

Quality is very important

Adding external links to your website and keywords is no longer the only goal of SEO, although it is true that they continue to be relevant.

Google gives greater importance to those pages that offerquality content. Keep in mind that quality content is one that has a good text format and good writing. It is important that it has a theme that is directly related to the company or the rest of the content of the website.

100% original content

Search engines severely penalize content that they detect as plagiarism of something that has been previously published and that, furthermore, does not contain a citation to the original source.

It is recommended thatyou know well your own area of expertise or the one in which you are offering your content. Also, always be looking for information that is new and create your own arguments that offer interaction with users and where a relationship of fidelity could emerge. If, however, you are not familiar with a topic or you find it hard to research and develop it, you may want to buy content online.

If your special concern when you publish apostor a new article on your website is SEO, you have to be, above all, creative and original.

Web pages with static information are less valued than those that update the information frequently.

Extension and periodicity

It is very important that a web pageis constantly updated with new content, so it does not appear to be abandoned. With this, you get Google to value your website positively.

A static website, which does not include news from time to time, will never position in the same way as a site that cares about offering new content on a regular basis. In addition, it is also valued positively if the content that is published covers a wide range of topics related to your website, rather than always repeating the same topic.

Something that very few people know is that the size of the content is very important inSEO. Search engines don’t like texts that are too short. They prefer and value better those that exceed 800 words in length. There are exceptions to this fact and they are those pages that, although they publish text with a smaller extension, their content is of quality and varied.

IfSEO is something important for you and for your website, this article might serve as a reference and you will improve your positioning in search results.

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