The Best Indian Websites for Sponsored Content


Being one of the most populated countries in the world, India is definitely an intriguing market for many businesses. With affordable prices and quite a large number of potential customers, sponsored content, combined with other digital marketing strategies, it can skyrocket your sales in the country for even small businesses. Here are few high-traffic niche websites to consider:

Business Standard

If you want to truly make an impact with your sponsored content, and its 4.8 monthly visitors seem like a great place to start. Business Standard is one of the most reputable News and Business websites in the country and is suitable for businesses within virtually any niche. In addition to large website traffic, the website's team has massive social media following, so you can get additional exposure for your content.

While most foreign businesses prefer to advertise their products or service in English, as many Indians are fluent in it, some decide to target customers speaking Hindi, who are large portion of the country's populace. The best websites to maximize the impact of your content is With almost 13 million monthly visitors, this website is great for promoting not only business related content, but can greatly help event planners and PR professionals.

Economic Times

The second most read business newspaper in the world in English is the Economic Times, which attracts 17.5 million monthly visitors. With categories focused on multiple sectors of the India's blooming economy, the website is suitable for multiple businesses and believe me, getting mentioned in there is definitely helpful for your reputation.

Generating buzz for your business in top newspapers in India, simply can't be complete with sponsored content in the The website attracts 86.7 million monthly visitors and the content in it covers multiple categories. Whether you want to promote amusing advertisement or other visual content or even press release, the website is an amazing opportunity for your digital marketing efforts. Want to reach massive audience on the Indian market, there isn't a better way to do it that with the

The Times of India

The website of the oldest newspaper in India is without doubt the best place to kick-start any business ventures in the country and appeal to the millions of English speaking users out there. With over 50 million visitors a month, you can be sure, no matter what you are selling - your message will be heard by a massive audience!


Visited by more than 130 000 people is one of the most authoritative tech blogs out there. Your content there, can help you get noticed by other bloggers and your product/service can go viral reaching thousands more potential customers. In addition to your content being featured on the home page of the website, it will also be shared with more than 10 000 fans in Facebook and Twitter.

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