Quick Tips For Choosing A Good Name For Your Blog

Naming a blog is an important beginning step. If you're planning to launch a blog and trying to come up with a name for your blog, the tips provided here help you out.

Already Have a Website?

If you already own a website and you are looking to add a blog to it, I recommend adding a /blog directory to your current domain. The reason you want to do this is the blog will help boost the search engine ranking of your current site.

Use Relevant Keywords

If you have specific keywords you want to use, try to include them in the blog name. Keywords in the URL will help you rank higher in search engines.

If you can't get the domain name you want, try adding hq or some other meaningful word in the beginning or end. For example, I named one of my blog as as I did not get I wanted ‘PNR Status' in the URL.

Choose Something Memorable, Quirky Even

If you can't use relevant keywords, try choosing a name that is memorable or unique. My other blog's name is Technocian. I came up with it by brainstorming around the word Technician which refers to a person who is expert in technical things & so Technocian refers to someone who is expert in technology. And it just sounded fun.

It's a kind of name that makes you want to click on it, which helps me when I comment on blogs or on Facebook posts, and on Twitter. And people remember the name, so it's easy to type it into search engines.

Don't Use Hyphens

I don't really recommend using hyphens in the domain name. There are some exceptions to this but for the most part you want to keep it simple and easy to remember.

Make It On Brand

"On brand" is advertising lingo. It means that something is in line with your brand. For example, Apple stores are on brand. They are clean, hip, and cool looking. If an Apple store looked like any other store in the mall, or say like a used bookstore, that would be off brand.

Get Sarkari Naukri is totally on brand. Priya has created a place for Indian people where they can instantly search for any govt jobs notification. She provides very practical career tips on her blog that is useful in getting the success in govt companies.

So think about the tone of your blog, your writing style and personality when you name it. And think about your mission. What are you all about?

Make Sure It's Easy to Spell and Pronounce

Ask your friends and family members to look at a list of possible blog names. If they can't spell it or pronounce it, it's a bad idea.

Brainstorm, Brainstorm, Brainstorm

You know that old saying about real estate: Location, Location, Location? In marketing, brainstorming is everything. And most people don't do enough of it. When I worked with my co-author to name our cookbook, Cooking to Hook Up, we brainstormed for at least a couple of hours and came up with a long list of rejects and several contenders before we landed on the winning title.

Just Do It!

Lastly, you can spend too much time waffling about, trying to name a blog. Go ahead and get started!

Spend some focused time brainstorming with a few friends, generate a list of decent names, and pick one already. I'm not totally in love with PNRStatusCheck or Technocian. But they're good enough.

This article is contributed by Ranjan who writes on travel tips on his blog PNR Status Check. You can also check the PNR status of train & flights on this website.

If you have any questions, please ask below!