Proven Ways for Increasing App Engagement & User Retention

Not only getting thousands of new installs for your high-end mobile app every day but converting those installs into highly engaged and profitable customers is the real success. That is the reason, increasing app engagement and user retention should be your major concerns right after getting the new mobile app developed for your brand or company as these are vital metrics to measure the success of your application.

Basically, user retention is most vital for almost all businesses and companies to get more loyal and valuable customers. Getting more engaged users or customers for your business or brand is challenging than boosting the app users base by getting new downloads and installs. In order to enjoy increased app engagement & user retention, your business app should be completely customized for prime user experience. However, a list of practical ways for increasing app engagement & user retention is given below in this article to help you acquire more returning users for your business app.

Proven Ways for Increasing App Engagement & User Retention

Make the first experience amazing for users

As the first impression always matters and can make a huge difference between success and failure of your app, you should develop your app in a way to provide your users an amazing and appealing first experience. If your app is not able to grab the attention of the users in very first turn, it would end with hopelessness. You can make your app engaging for users in many ways. An appealing and creative landing page could be the very first step to let users give an idea that there is something amazing in the app. By highlighting the app benefits and convenience in a great way, you can also attract a big number of new returning users.

Use a clever CTA on the first welcome page

By adding a creative and clever call to action on your very first welcome page of the app, you successfully can encourage your users to take the first essential action that you want them to take. For example, if you want your new users to subscribe for a business newsletter, make sure first welcome page of the app has a creative and non-disturbing CTA to let them sign up for the list quickly.

Give users a preview of the App’s user interface

Presenting an appealing and visual display of the user interface of your business app could be one of the proven ways for increasing app engagement and user retention as it can give them a clear view of your app even before signing up for the app. Through this way, you can show users that how easy it to use the app on different mobile devices.

Update your app often

One time app development is not the ultimate solution, but you will need to update your app often in order to run it efficiently on different devices and updated operating systems. Always keep in mind that your business app will only be on the top if it is updated for all latest and recent updates of mobile operating systems. In order to increase app engagement and user retention, make sure your mobile app updates are opportune, and there are new engaging segments to keep the existing users interested as well as to attract more new users as well.

Make your users contented

If you really want to increase app engagement and user retention for your business app, you have to design something great that not only outshines expectations of your users but also successfully fulfill their needs and requirements. Adding something problem-solving in your app could be a perfect practice to increase app user engagement up to a great level. In simple words, people always love to use the app that mmakesthen contented and you should develop an app to make users happy in order to see them on the platform again and soon as well.

Consider latest advertising methods

Considering the latest mobile app advertising techniques can also help a lot in increasing app engagement and user retention. There are a lot of ways such as PPI (pay per install), PPC ( pay per click) and display advertisement etc not only to increase the number of downloads for your business app but to acquire returning users as well. You should also optimize your app for app store by using result driven app store optimization (ASO) techniques in order to secure top position in app store search results.

Offer your users in-app support

What the app users will need to do when they may have a specific query regarding your app or experiencing an issue that requires quick troubleshooting? Visit your business website or contact with support team via email? Well, if you really want them to come again and again to shop from your brand or company, offer them easy and in-app store in order to get their queries resolved on an immediate basis. Through this way, they will be able to acquire required help or support without leaving your app that will definitely increase the app engagement and user retention as well.

Utilize push notifications

Push notifications are known as one of the best ways to boost conversion rate and sales as well. By sending consistent but most relevant push notifications to your app users, you will be able to share vital business related updates, latest offers and other useful announcements in order to keep them engaged with your app and brand as well. You can encourage users with push notifications to take an action by using your app which is the best way to bring a user back on your business app that will definitely boost sales as well.

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