Potential Strategies for Search Ads that Can Work for You

There is a big potential to convert your marketing strategy into a positive return of investment with the help of search ad campaign. By tracking down how the consumers behave in response to search ads, you are also digging a good opportunity to make a sale and make your business more profitable. In fact, about 84% of the consumers are taking action in making purchases based on the search results. With the gold mine available in using search ads to pursue a profitable online marketing business, here are 4 potential strategies that you can work for you.

Strategy #1. Pursue repeat customers

Retailers are getting a lot smarter by considering their previous buyer as a potential repeat customer for their business. If a buyer is willing to pay for a $500 worth of item, he is also a likely candidate to purchase a different but related item that is worth $300. By using your search ad demographic you can easily spot a potential customer who was willing to buy an item and might be willing to buy a related item the next time around. Using this strategy will help you to easily identify which customer to offer your products and make an aggressive offering of your products again to make another sale.

Strategy #2. Keep an eye on subscription service

The subscription behavior of the consumers can turn into a good marketing lead for your business. A customer who subscribed for one particular subscription service is unlikely to subscribe for another one for the same service. Chances are the subscriber is probably searching in the market for a similar service but will not take the same service he has subscribed to already. Your search ad strategy should be to offer a much lower bid for a similar service that he previously subscribed to knowing that he probably don't need it anymore or is likely wanting a similar service at a lower price after his past subscription for the same service. On another perspective, some ads will require the consumer to go through the different steps for subscribing to a service. If they don't complete the steps to complete the process, you probably have enough information to pursue them as leads by offering your products through email marketing.

Strategy #3. Pursue leads from your website visitors

Small business owners probably don't have the funds to pay for a regular per click ad campaign to promote their business. However, they can still find potential leads on how to go about their online marketing campaign by taking note which part of their advertisement message that was able to engage website users to visit their site. By using the compelling ranking keywords in google that are used on the ad, start campaigning for ads using that keyword knowing there is a potential market lead from there.

Strategy #4. Invest in mobile optimized ads

Major consumers are getting reliant on mobile devices to go shopping. Not only because mobile browsing is more convenient especially to the always on the go consumers but Google is expanding its product listing ad that will likely increase your opportunity to make your brand known to millions of mobile users. By creating mobile optimized ads, you will likely find potential customers who are in search for something with a good reason why they have visited your mobile advertisement. Convert your search ad visitors into leads by understand the shopping behavior of mobile shoppers and leverage on it to offer them the right kind of products and services that will be interesting to them.

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