Online Marketing 101: Building Your Strategic Plan

Business owners who want to have success in the online marketing sphere should know that the key to making it happen is developing a strategic plan. Strategic plans are powerful because they keep individuals organized and consistent in their efforts to make their companies increasingly profitable and powerful. Below you’ll find just a few techniques you can incorporate into your online marketing strategic plan so that you can attain profound levels of success:

1. Put Target Market Research At The Top Of Your To Do List.

Your first step to success in the online marketing sector is putting target market research at the top of your to-do list. Without this foundational step, you run the risk of implementing marketing strategies that will not appeal to members of your target audience. As such, you want to focus in on doing target market research to see what your audience is all about. The four key components of the research process include the demographic, behaviouristic, psychographic, and geographic data which come to define the people who are most likely to purchase your goods.

2. Develop A Brand Awareness Plan.

Once you’ve done the target market research necessary to get a general sense of who your people are, it’s time to develop your brand awareness plan. Brand awareness is all about making your company’s existence known to members of the target audience so they’ll be more likely to buy your goods. Here are some brand awareness strategies you can deploy to realize this objective:

a. Content Marketing.

Content marketing functions as a type of brand awareness because the blog posts, web articles, and videos are mediums through which your target audience can learn more about your products and services. One content marketing technique you should consider using is making these articles, videos, and blogs more visible on social media channels like Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. Another strategy that can prove effective is including Share Buttons on the pages where the content appears. This technique increases the likelihood of people forwarding your content to people in their social networks. If this happens enough times, your brand could go viral.

b. Email Marketing.

Email marketing is a brand awareness modality that involves sharing your product or service line with individuals in the form of emails. There are many secrets to success with this internet marketing strategy. One is to include links that take your recipients directly to your product page, and this is basically a conversion optimization strategy. Another secret to success here is segmentation, and this marketing process involves gaining more information about your audience and sending them emails based on your acquired understanding of their interests and shopping behavior.

3. Think About Web Optimization Techniques That Will Optimize Shoppability.

While many if not most business owners know that maintaining a great website is important, not all of them know which specific traits the site needs to have in order to be a real revenue-generating machine. One of them is shoppability. If your customers and prospects find it difficult to shop on your website, they will likely leave your product pages without making a purchase. You should also consider utilizing
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Three strategies you should incorporate into your online marketing plan are outlined above. Start using them now so you can attain the level of internet authority necessary to increase your conversion rates!

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