Myths about Buying Instagram Followers

Instagram is a platform that allows you to be creative, innovate and present the brand in an unconventional way. It is intended primarily for entertainment, but more often is used for business purposes as well. People are looking for inspiration on Instagram. Consumers look for recommendations or reasons against purchasing a product. Instagram waves allow consumers to manipulate the reputation of your brand.

If your internet marketing strategy has stagnated and the appearance in the organic list of search engines has decreased, you’ve certainly thought about how to overcome it. In that, you probably also wanted more social networking for your brand. By looking for ways to increase your brand’s display on social networks, you’ve also come across ads that are offered to you by a number of followers who are interested in your brand or business.

Even though, buying Instagram followers can be harmful there are a few misconceptions about this, obviously, highly popular business branch.

Myth #1 – It Doesn’t Work

People with an enormous number of followers on Instagram, the so-called influencers, with a large number of teens and comments, also get great power – which many charge well. However, there are also those who have acquired their “glory” by buying false orders that only pump the number of followers, but they do not really have any real weight.

The illegal software companies were more likely to produce thousands and thousands of false profiles that would suddenly quit you. Fortunately, this forum was quickly broken down, and in an unpleasant situation, it brought many celebrities who wanted to have as many followers as possible.

If you are Instagram users, you probably noticed that your number of followers has fallen. This happened because owners of a popular social network wiped out millions of fraudulent orders around the world. And how did this affect the celebrities?

Justin Bieber lost more than 3 million followers – the number fell from 23.8 to 20.3 million, and since yesterday, Kim Kardashian is the most acclaimed person on Instagram.
Beyonce remained in second place, with 21.4 million followers.

The biggest change was experienced by the American rapper Ma$e – he had 1.6 million followers, 1.5 of whom were fake. After deleting the followers, he deleted his profile.

Myth #2 – Buying Instagram Followers is illegal

Buying companions is contrary to the rules and terms of use of all major social networks. They have clear policies against this phenomenon because it also endangers their business. Investors will not be interested in a platform that would allow false followers, which would also affect the value of the company’s shares.

Today, social networks are becoming more and more effective in discovering brands with purchased companions. Sooner or later, you can be caught if you resort to this tactic.
Buying companions can not only hurt your brand but can also endanger your entire business.

Myth #3 – Fake Followers Don’t Add Value

Your current number of followers has its value because it’s your clients or users. You may never have met them, but they started to follow your brand for a reason. And they will continue to be engaged through your posts on social networks.

Purchased followers have no idea what your brand is or what you sell. They’re just there to show the number. You will probably never have an interaction with them, nor will they be engaged through posts that relate to your brand. Simply, purchased followers are either people with no interest in your brand or followers who come with false profiles.

Myth #4 – Buying Followers Hurts Your Reputation

Your online reputation is everything, especially today when transparency is one of the essential qualities of a good brand. There is nothing worse than being discovered to be followed by false followers. This is humiliating for your brand because it proves you are incapable of interacting with people who are really interested in your business. This further indicates that there is a problem with your brand that you could not solve in a conventional way.

False followers are easily recognized by observing their profiles, which are often surprisingly insufficiently filled in the information, often without a real profile image.

The Truth

If you find a reliable collaborator who will provide you with quality reviews and realistic comments, you will dramatically increase the visibility of your content. The offer itself varies depending on the followers and the budget of the buyer, and therefore the quality of the purchased reviews varies. The largest and most popular Instagram users are buying reviews to increase their profile position on the Instagram scene, to make it easier to crawl to the top, to prove to others that they are worth more than them, but also to make more profits. Increasing popularity has become simpler than ever!

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