Motion Animation And Graphics – Make Your Product Known

The name speaks for itself, animation and motion graphics means “graphics, performed in motion”. The direction originated in the 50s of the last century when the development of computer technology influenced the work of cinema. It was the first time when “dancing” logos and captions appeared. In the 90s, this industry gained great popularity and began to develop at a rapid pace. However, the peak of its development falls at the current time, over the past 15 years the industry has reached perfection.

What can one do with motion design now?

  • “Revival” of the photos
  • Creation of the whole world from illustrations
  • Use as background for video
  • Making animated and motion graphics marketing toolbars
  • Logos featuring animation
  • Creating informational videos and tutorials
  • Brand or product commercials
  • TV promo and even movie titles

There are many animation types, one of which is shape animation. Having diverse features between these types which are not significant in whole, but playing a great role in every type of production the one need. The animation in cartoons differs from motion design in that in the first case the storyline prevails, the characters are endowed with bright individual character traits. Graphics and animation in motion is used to create commercials or clips, so the characters are not inherent in any character traits.

The basis of the design is:

  • Minimalistic style;
  • Vivid images;
  • Simple perception.

The image on the screen should be simple and clear, information is presented in the form of short theses, current and modern technologies are used – this is how the desired result is achieved.

What are the objectives of motion animation?

  • Sale. The call to buy a product or service is the main aspect of the video.
  • Training. The level of the educational sphere has grown incredibly, thanks to interactive lessons you can easily organize a lesson and teach some material.
  • Presentation. A great way to convey to the public the idea – the animation, in this case, would be appropriate.
  • Informing. There is an acquaintance of an audience with any news which is given in a compressed form.
  • Design of television broadcast. News, various programs are made using a special design called Broadcast.

Whatever the purpose of motion animation, it is important to choose a reliable performer. So don’t ignore that fact and make the right choice for your video production issues.

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