Marketing on Instagram Just Became a Lot More Interesting

pexels-photoInstagram is so much more than a bunch of hipster people getting together to post photos of their cats, dogs, and beautiful sunsets. Instagram is a powerful marketing tool that is till date under-utilized by many companies and businesses. On the other hand, the makers of the app have something else in mind. They are rolling out one update after another to keep things moving and fresh for all users.

Now, you may or may not have any marketing intent when you are first logging into Instagram, but these scores of new features will make you do a second take, each time. You are bound to spend more time on Instagram, and then, you are bound to “chance upon” some video or image that is selling something you surely need.

Marketing on Instagram is simple

Its most recent update that the company released last Thursday lets users reply to private messages directly with a photo, video or text (emojis included). The receiver can respond with a sticker within the picture or the video he originally posted as a response. You can add the sender’s original message as a split screen. It is resulting in quite a few funny moments and memes, which are waiting to become viral. Getting new Instagram followers has become a piece of cake with the brand new update.

What’s the latest update from Instagram?

As a user, you just need to hit the “Reply” option on your Insta screen to open the camera. Now, when you take a selfie as a response of another, it will include a sticker of the photo you are replying to. You can move the picture around, resize it and add doodles. It is indeed creating some hilarious mash-ups. It is turning out to be helpful in the event of friends carrying on conversations in snaps and videos. It does not leave much room for confusion as to which message or photo you are replying to, and it cannot get rid of the old threaded comment hangover for all Insta veterans.

Viral content waiting to happen

It is like Instagram-ception, and the “funny fail” memes are hurling towards mainstream internet faster than light! We guarantee you will again “chance upon” hilarious private conversations between users and business profiles on Instagram on Instagram or Facebook or 9gag, very soon. The new feature is the best way for the internet to create viral content real fast, real easy.

How will it help you?

Being able to reply to a business message or a private message greatly humanizes the business or the company. No company is likely to give up this opportunity to interact with their users. Moreover, if the chances arise, no company will shy away from posting screen shots of hilarious conversations that sometimes do happen #IRL.

Something borrowed, again!

Millennial Insta users are already spending close to 32 minutes on the app. However, this time, the hours devoted to the app are going to go up sharply. It gives a glorious opportunity for the Instagram marketers to endorse their products on the platform. The problem is, this was not Instagram’s original idea. It is another idea Instagram “borrowed” from Snapchat, and it came after the company introduced Instagram Stories, which was more than just inspired by Snapchat Stories at the time.

Is it just the resurrection of an old feature?

On the other hand, for many old timers, this seems like an extension of the old threaded comment feature Instagram has always had for its users. Threaded comments make it much easier to see which of the comments are direct replies. They group all the comments including the direct replies under a single thread containing the relevant tags and hashtags.

Beware; this feature will work for you only if you are on Instagram 10.34 and above. You need iOS7 and Android Marshmallow for this update to run smoothly. This new reply feature will also work for Instagram Boomerang, giving you some of the funniest moments you will love to show the world.

It comes with new filters too

Now, if you are a small business, you will surely try to share your funny “private” conversations using the latest features. Remember to use the correct hashtags, filters, and prologue before you go around sharing it on social media. Aside from threading your comments, you should also try out the new customizable Face Filters for Stories. According to Instagram, the 1960s culture and style have been a great deal of influence on these new filters. If you are unsure as to what your followers will like, you should wait a bit. See what they are using in the majority. Read a few surveys about the latest filters and frames. Then go with one that has the highest positive user rating from your target group.

Social media marketing can bring you directly in touch with your audience. That is exactly why you need to be very careful about their preferences. We are not asking you to walk on eggshells here, but do conduct one survey a month to find out how they are reacting to the latest trends.


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