Jumpstart Your Online Store with These Tips

online-storeStarting a new online store is always exciting. Thanks to ecommerce platforms and CMS scripts, starting a new online store is now easier than ever. Making that first sale, however, is another story. Worry not, because we have just the tips to help you get your online store live and customers making purchases in no time. Let’s get started, shall we?

Have a Blog Section

Content marketing should be one of the internet marketing tools you use to attract potential customers. With a blog section set up, you can post daily or weekly content and attract a lot of traffic. Your content doesn’t always have to be about the products. You can share tips and tricks or discuss other industry-related topics.

Having a blog section as part of your online store will help drive traffic. Visitors who are not looking to buy your products will still visit the site, increasing your online store’s level of exposure. When they eventually decide that they need the products you’re selling, your store will be the first one they check out.

Accept Credit Card Payments

The best way to make it easier for customers to make purchases is by accepting credit card payments. There are plenty of payment processors and gateways to choose from too, including service providers such as that will help you accept CC payments even when you’re selling high-risk goods.

You will have to secure your site before you can start accepting credit card payments. SSL security and other security measures will not only help you qualify for a merchant account, but will also help you build better credibility in the eyes of your customers.

Another good way to get to that first sale faster is by shortening the checkout process. Make the checkout process as easy and short as possible and you won’t have to worry about dropped carts and other common problems faced by online stores.

Go Social and Be Personal

It will take some time before you can have a lot of followers on social media, but starting as early as possible is the way to go. In fact, a lot of online stores are starting their social media campaigns even before the actual launch date. You, too, can take this approach and start teasing potential customers on social media.

Being personal is important. Branding is great in the long run, but allowing customers to connect with your online store on a personal level will help you grow a stronger customer base over time. The more you can connect with your audience, the more loyal they will be in the future.

Interact with your audience on social media. Answer questions and let them provide inputs and feedback for the store. You can even let customers curate some of the products you sell online through social media polls and other methods.

These tips, when implemented correctly, will help you get to that first sale much faster. Plan ahead and make sure the online store is properly set up to handle customer orders and start promoting the store right away.

If you have any questions, please ask below!