Ideas to Start Your Blog Adventure Online

Succesful BlogDo you enjoy writing and sharing your ideas? Are you a gifted speaker? Then grab an awesome name and set up a blog!

A Blog Adventure

When you start your adventure in the blog world, it is extremely important to have a proper name. This is because it will focus your audience to you and set the right expectations.

You can either brainstorm it with your friends or get some professional help like for example through Nameperfectionor GoDaddy. Set the design around your newly inspired logo and name. This means matching fonts, colors, wording, and everything around the brand.

Preparation is key

After this is all set, it’s time to gear up your game and fill the page with content!

You can start off by thinking of all the topics you wish to talk about. Write down 10-15 ideas related to your blog topic. Then, before starting with the writing, create the images you wish to add in the text. Remember to add your logo and name in each image that you use!

This is because it will keep a consistent image on your blog, plus it will look gorgeous!

Get your Inspiration flowing

Now that you have the ingredients, you are ready to start writing!

Take the topics that you wrote down before and let the inspiration flow. You can either publish each article straight away or schedule them to be posted on a later date.

The rules to follow when writing your blog are:

  • Show your brand (the logo and name)
  • Use topic-related keywords
  • Write between 300 and 1,000 words
  • Use subtitles to help classify the information
  • Link your articles among them to make it easier for the users to get all the valuable information

And, it’s not only about what you write in the blog. It is also about how you follow up with your subscribers and fans. Be relatable, friendly, and make sure to be true to your brand.

If you have any questions, please ask below!