How Video Content Can Boost your SEO Rankings

Over the past decade, video content has become one of the essential parts of digital society. Many businesses are using video content as the marketing strategy to communicate with their target audience. Although, videos are not just great medium for engaging people, but also improve the SEO that ultimately enhance the website ranking.

Now here the question is – How video content can boost your SEO ranking? There are many reputable sites like Lerablog that can provide you with blogs on the same. To make it more clear, in this post, we are going to discuss the role of video content in improving SERP ranking. So, let’s get started…

  1. The video shows the value of your content to Google

Today, creating video has become easier than ever. Thanks to video making tool to make things easier. When you create a unique video, Google not just take into account when it accesses the relevancy of your web page to a particular keyword, but it also checks other media you are offering to the users of the search engine.

Google doesn’t simply consider when it evaluates the significance of your website page to a particular keyword. It likewise checks what other media you bring to the table for internet searcher users. The blend of video, text, and image helps you to show Google that your content is original and valuable. As per Cisco, by 2019, 80% of the online traffic will be represented by video.

Adding relevant keywords in the transcript and meta tags of your video allow Google understand the importance of video. Adding primary keywords along with relevant synonyms may impress Google and this boost your SEO ranking.

  1. Video Content Drives Traffic to your Site

YouTube and Vimeo are the popular social media platforms or third-party sites to host your video content. These sites play a crucial role to drive traffic back to your website. Every single day, a billion hours of videos are consumed on YouTube. To boost your SEO ranking, all you need to do is – add your URL in the channel name and video descriptions. It helps you improve the traffic acquisition and give a healthy boost to your ranking.

  1. Video content can get you to link

When you add your URL to your video descriptions or channel information, you can easily earn qualified referral traffic. Adding video content on your website can help you outreach and link building strategy. Obviously, if you have shareable and unique videos, people will like and link to your site that may lead to more traffic. Plus when your video is shared on other websites, it can help you get more likes. Moreover, it will appear more valuable on Google and boost your ranking on SERPs.

  1. Video Marketing improves conversion rate

To get more value of your winning SEO strategy, you can add video to it. According to Hubspot, shoppers are 2 times more likely to buy the product after viewing the videos. This clearly shows that video can help in improved conversions.

As per Google, more than half percentage of the people look for product videos before visiting a store. When you add video content to your marketing strategy, you can easily drive customers to your website.

  1. Video Boosts the Social Presence of Your Brand

Social media plays a vital role in your video marketing and distribution strategy. Video content marketing not only gets more eyes on your brand content but also gives a boost to your SEO efforts. There is a powerful connection between higher positions in the SERPs and higher shares on social media.

For example, as compared to a photo, a video on social media gets 135% more engagement. So, by sharing your brand videos on social media platforms, you can get more and more traffic to your brand and can earn more links and clicks.

  1. Video Rich Snippets Increase Click Through Rate (CTR)

Video rich snippets are also important when it comes to boosting your business SEO ranking with video content. Rich snippets are optimized to attract and convince potential visitors and enhance your Click Through Rate. When you add a snippet to your video, Google shows a thumbnail for it, the title and a short description of the content available in that specific video. That’s why it is essential to optimize your description as well as take thumbnail into consideration while uploading your brand video.

Choosing a well-designed and attractive thumbnail for your video can help you achieving the highest CTR possible. So if you are using video content, don’t forget to make use of rich snippets in your video. Attract potential audience across the web and maximize your Click Through Rate.

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