How Trade Show Pop Up Displays Can Help Your Product Get Media Mileage

4888193340_93c52d377fPromo Booths

What are they used for? Well, many people will use the promo booths to promote their product or service at a convention/conference/exhibition. It is something that can be designed by professionals for you to suit your product or service. Do some research and find out what is the going format on the market at the moment.

Setting Up Your Trade Show Pop Up Displays

When marketing/advertising in a trade show or exhibition, here are a few pointers to consider. The first step is to decide on a budget, plan the marketing/advertising booth, and incorporate business logo, motto and colours. Once that the basics have been covered, it is fairly simple to create the rest.

Research promotional displays and find the one that suits your company and product the best. Using a pop-up display that is suitable for you. Maybe a floor display with attention grabbing graphics is better. It all depends on what the company wants to show the public in terms of branding and product information.

Grab Attention

Purchase a promo booth that is easy to set up. You may want to set up displays that are easy to manage like pop up display stands on the table or floor displays that grab the public's attention. Make sure the colours and design are appealing to the public eye and tie in with the company branding and product.

You have to decide on how you are going to grab people's attention to come to your booth/display set up. For example, if you're promoting gourmet coffee or other product samples, how will you make the people want to try them? Here are a few suggestions you might find useful:

1. Have games/prizes: For visitors to the booth to have a fun atmosphere, why not give them some give out some prizes for playing a few simple games. This will encourage more visitors to come and see or even try the games, therefore giving your promo display some much needed audience. The prizes may come in the form of freebies or a small product they can take home. Product demonstrations with prizes get everyone's attention so if it is suitable for your product, set this up during the exhibition for visitors to participate.

2. Use technology: In the booth, make sure you have something to do with technology. Whether it is a large screen with web content or a promotional video or an electronic display that keeps repeating, let's face it, technology will attract people to see what you've got to offer.

There are lots of different ways to use technology. One of the most dynamic ways is to incorporate mobile technology access into your displays. QR codes is an up and coming way to communicate with customers. Putting a QR code on a banner and on table or floor displays allows mobile users to scan the code and receive a message or website with further information on the product. You can set up the QR code to have a video presentation on it about the product or company. QR codes are quick resource codes that can be generated online and then downloaded to use as artwork on brochures, displays, fliers, etc. for visitors to scan to their iPhone or Android via an QR Scan app.

3. Social media: Everyone uses social media these days. This is another way to stay in contact with visitors to the booth and to stay in contact with current customers while still at the trade show/exhibition.

Future Contact

You will want your visitors to have something that they can take away with them especially a brochure with contact information. You should always provide a media for visitors to request the product or request future contact with you, like maybe an online form that they can fill out while they are at the booth. If the convention or trade exhibit has Wi-Fi available, this can be used to upload their queries for you.

So this lists only a few of the more common practices when planning and setting up a promo booth for your product. What we have discussed, here is a list of steps to remember when planning and setting up a promo booth to market your newest product or company:

  • Budget: Decide how much you can spend on the promotional campaign
  • Research: Look at what other companies are doing.
  • Plan: How you are going to use the trade show pop up displays to market your product and how the display company can help you implement the plan to work within your budget
  • Samples: Everyone loves samples if it a product that you can do it with then have sample packs presented in an attractive way.
  • Brochure: Design a brochure that will give information on the company and products with contact information using social media, websites and QR codes
  • Demos: A good way to grab attention is to demo the product if possible.
  • Technology: Use all the technology possible that is in the public domain like Facebook page, Twitter, QR codes, blogs, websites, etc.
  • Create a video presentation on the product to have running on a monitor in the display booth for those who want to look quietly at their own pace.

Attention grabbers: Plan some quizzes, or games for visitors to participate and win a prize of the product or other exhibition freebies.
Hopefully this has given some insight into what to look for and plan for when setting up a promo booth. First impressions are most important so it is good to get it right first time to entice interest.

Mark Thomas is a Marketing consultant who has worked with many promotional companies. Recently, his projects included promoting fashion designer’s clothing and accessories and setting up trade show pop up displays across the nation. Marcus has slowly gone up the ladder in the Marketing world and now writes for promotion companies and advertising agencies.

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