How to use YouTube to acquire more Users to Your App?

Marketing on YoutubeYouTube gets over a 1 billion unique visitors per month. As you know, YouTube is a powerful media channel for video consumption. Today YouTube is not just for entertainment, it is for more than that. One can use it for self-education as well. YouTube is a great marketing tool for businesses for marketing products and services in the global market, which can help them to drive huge traffic. By 2018, two-third of marketers will depend on the video content for product promotion.

Here are some reasons why you should use YouTube for your app marketing:

YouTube is the Search Engine:

You mayn’t know, YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google. By promoting a video on YouTube, you can make it easier for the audience gathering information about your app. With promotion on YouTube, you can achieve the maximum outcome with minimum effort. Though YouTube is primarily famous for music, games and comedy videos, recently it has seen an increased interest in travel, food, learning and beauty videos.

YouTube Content is having a huge Mobile audience:

According to a report, in 2014, YouTube got 40% of its visitors from mobile devices, and that percentage has been growing since then. If we tell today, 80% of the users are accessing the YouTube through their smart phones. Another report says, in the United States, YouTube is the third most used apps after Facebook and Google Play. Video search engine YouTube helps app marketers market apps in an easy manner.

YouTube is the Largest Social Network:

YouTube Community is a largely connected community, which allows ratings, comments, likes and shares. For a week, over 100 million people involve themselves in liking, sharing and commenting in YouTube.

YouTube is the third largest social networking platform after Facebook and Twitter. Popularity and interest is growing up for YouTube and it is getting over 1 billion unique visitors for a month. YouTube is also considered as the largest user-driven video content producer. Apart from that, viewers are not only generating the content they are also sharing it. Videos are shared with other social networks on Twitter and Facebook, and over 500 YouTube videos are shared every minute and watched daily. This tells how YouTube’s social network drives traffic to your app not only with its channel but also through other social media networks.


YouTube is the most used video search engine and YouTube videos appear at the top of the search engine results in Google. So YouTube helps you reach new mobile app users and keep good relationship with the existing mobile app users as well.


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