How to Perfect Your Email Marketing Strategies with SEO Tactics for Better Results?

The online world is one dynamic mix! The facts and figures are not only intriguing, but they are also suggestive of multiple user behaviors, trends, and norms. For instance, recent research and studies have highlighted that approximately 8 to 10 marketers rate SEO as either good or excellent when it comes to generating ROI. On the other hand, about 70% marketers consider email marketing as an integral part of effective SEO. The online channels consider email marketing and SEO crucial as compared to social media marketing, affiliate marketing, mobile marketing or paid search.

Off all the online marketing avenues that are prevalent, SEO and email marketing are the most sought after when it comes to reaching and attracting more and more of the target audience, sustaining the existing business marketing efforts, surviving the fierce competition and ensuring a positive ROI. When used effectively, this strategic combination can help you reach your business goals and create loyal customers for your brand.

Google always has a role to play!

Whether it is email or SEO or both combined, Google has a role to play! Gmail scans the emails in the inbox for any alerts on spam and also receives several spam reports from its users. When Google is notified of spam emails, it can track the sender. This way, the search engine giant can collect all the relevant data about your business by analyzing the email and the links added to it.

When businesses carry out poorly constructed email marketing campaigns and send out daily emails to random users, they face the risk of having their emails marked as spam. When Google collects data on these businesses, it automatically brings down their website ranking in the SERPs. It is still vague as to how long this impact stays, and online marketers are still unaware of the way Google halts the less meticulous market players from spamming their competitor’s link to devalue them.

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Ways to perfect your email marketing

It leaves the online marketers with a significant challenge. How to draft an email marketing message for the target customers so that it does not get marked as spam and also conveys the brand message efficiently? In successful cases, if the customer finds the content compelling enough, it can even make them take the necessary call to action. Here’s how you can perfect your email marketing campaigns to add the required boost to your SEO efforts.

Start with a catchy email subject line

That is where it all starts and ends too! An incoherent subject line will not only go unappreciated, but it can also cause the reader to ignore the email. When sending emails to your target customers who are not yet aware of your brand, it is imperative for you to make them understand that you can offer something they need, and nothing will get you off to a good start than the subject line!

The ideal way to go about it is to focus on the message that you want to share through the email. The content should not sound like a sales pitch. Take a moment to think about your own service or product, and imagine if you were a potential customer, how would you search for it and why? If your company deals in eco-friendly geysers, you need to focus on the keywords and a subject like “Eco-friendly, local geysers” is likely to get more reads. It is simple, crisp and straightforward. The subject line should address the customer’s requirement and the product or service you are offering in fewer words.

Spread out your targeted keywords

There is no guarantee that a reader will not put your email in the “read later” category! However, just in case your email does get into the “read later” category, make sure that it is easy to locate. Let’s get back to the eco-friendly geyser example. It is essential to add the words that describe your product and service not just in the subject line but also in the mail body. Insert the keywords in the content the way you would for a blog or article post, managing the density accordingly. This way, when the reader suddenly recalls the keywords, he/she can find your mail from the Gmail search bar in seconds.

Customize your email message

So let’s say you have been successful in getting someone to read your email. It could be that your recipient might be resorting to a program in Apple Mail, Thunderbird or Outlook where the message reveals the body, without having to open them individually with a click. At the start, you must address the recipient by his/her name. If you are sending bulk HTML generated email, the program is likely to provide you with an option when adding contacts.

TIP: Do not miss out a quick personalization and add a “Hi” or “Hello” followed by the recipient’s name, such as “Hello Charles.” Going by this rule, you need to make sure you close your email with a line akin to “Thanks Charles for reading this mail. For any questions, do not hesitate to write back to me.” This customized email messaging approach works better than a formal one.

Deploy the golden rule

Today, 81% of email content is spam. That means 4 out of 5 messages are either marked spam or sent to the trash folder. Few companies are managing this by merely phasing out the overall email system. It cannot be guaranteed certainly that a digital conversation channel will, in all probabilities, substitute the traditional email in the days to come.

While you mull over this, analyze your email habits. You probably check the inbox in the morning and remember the ones you read and the ones you sent to the trash folder. On the other hand, what leads you to read a company’s emails? The golden rule is to apply your instinct in email marketing and follow it entirely. Only send your existing and potential clients the emails that you would probably read yourself.

The online domain is characterized by immense growth scopes, a foray of new market players and acute competition. Every brand wants to adopt better tools of digital marketing. Email marketing is a potent tool. When you blend in the standard SEO practices to email marketing, you can generate better emails that guarantee better responses and increased sales of your products and services.

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