How To Keep Buyers Engaged Before They Reach Shopping Cart? Rules To Follow!

shopping cartMore visitors at an ecommerce website mean more chances to win over customers. However, many ecommerce website owners are facing shopping cart abandonment issue, which is the biggest hurdle in way of earning more from their online presence. The need is to focus the checkout process and track whether customers are moving ahead successfully, or there is some point of losing them. It can be the difficult to find products at the customers' end, or personal details being demanded by the website before the completion of the deal. Here are given 4 rules to reduce the prospects-losing rate before they reach the shopping cart. Enjoy reading!

1. Complex Website Search: Make It Easy

Web rules state that if a user doesn't find a product with great ease at any ecommerce website, the chances to switch to any other site increase many folds. If the featured site search is provided at the entry page or the product page, it will help making the website experience pleasant for the site visitors. Many website visitors don't go for smooth navigation; they prefer going the search way to reach the product of their choice. If the search results are as per expectations of the site visitor, it helps in bringing in more sales. So, remove any glitches found in website search. If your website is built in Magento platform, you can use a Magento search extension to help customers finding their desired products without any hassle.

Also, track what visitors search at your website other than tracking the search engine terms they use to reach your store. This data could be used to improve the website navigation and hence pleasant user experience.

2. Complex Navigation: Keep The Steps Small

At many ecommerce stores, a long list of items is presented at the home page, which is quite distracting for the prospects. The issue is human eye could focus just 4 items at any given time, at a point (see the arrangement of phones numbers in groups of 3 or 4 digits), so listing more items means not grabbing the attention of the targeted customers. With more products displayed, while reaching the last item, the customers might have forgotten what was there in the beginning. So, the navigation should be broken down into different categories and should be kept smaller to engage the visitors at a website.

3. Trust Symbols: To Reduce Anxiety

Online shopping means putting money at risk, that's what most of the online shoppers think. Winning over trust is the most important factor to experience more sales and more profit from any online business. For that purpose, trust symbols should be placed prominently at any web store. Footer isn't the right place for such symbols. Place them at top of the page where visitors could see without scrolling and at the pages where customers have to provide the credit card or other payment details.

4. Action Stage: Compel The Prospects

If you have something your prospects are looking for, it doesn't mean they will buy that from you. You need to provide them a reason to purchase from your online store. Grab their attention at first, create interest in your products, let them desire for the product, and finally give them a reason to shop earlier. You can tell them the stock-shortage or limited time discount offer.

These are few of the golden tips that can make your ecommerce store, a home to loyal customers. Mention the categories clearly at your web store, improve the product search (incorporate search extension), build trust by placing trust symbols prominently at the site, and compel the visitors for action, all these factors help making your website popular among the targeted customers. Follow these points and see your e-shop experiencing high traffic, more sales, and huge profit. What else you could dream of?

If you have any questions, please ask below!