How to Increase Your Website Sales – Simple Tips to Follow

Sales PitchOnline business is booming as more consumers feel confident to shop online due to the convenient nature of online shopping.

If you own an online business, it is important that your business is and appears to be trustworthy, professional looking and reliable, as this is what will help increase your sales. There are hrmany methods which can help you make your site attractive to those website visitors.

Website Tips:


Your site must be as secure as possible if you are accepting customer payments with card details and addresses. Make sure your hosting package and checkout system is secure and any information given by a customer is safe from being accessed by outside sources.

Secure checkout logos will inform customers your site is safe to purchase from and it will remove any doubts they might have.

Strong web design

Your business branding and website design as a whole must be strong enough to engage with your visitors. This of course takes a huge amount of work to achieve.

Your homepage in particular should be attractive enough to visitors to entice them to shop with you. This can be done by linking to products in the online shop to get them to move into the purchasing section of your website.

If somebody is searching for a particular item, they might do a search and flick quickly through several websites. You need to aim to stop them leaving your site when they land on it, and a well thought out and well-designed homepage will help towards keeping those visitors. Of course some you will lose no matter what you do, your products for whatever reason, just won’t suit what they are looking for.

Branding and web site design can be achieved by hiring an agency which can help you achieve a successful design. An affordable option if your budget is limited is to approach university undergraduates or talented friends for help. They are often looking for projects to expand their portfolios, and some students have talent which can match or even exceed those in employment.

Check your spelling

We all make spelling errors, especially when you are busy setting up a business and have several tasks to deal with, financial budgets to balance and deadlines. Therefore, check your site for spelling errors thoroughly before you set your site live. It is also important to spell check your blog posts and any updates you make. If any errors should be pointed out, make sure you adjust them immediately. Spelling errors can be interpreted by visitors as incompetence and it could mean the loss of a sale.

Keywords throughout your site

Keywords should be placed naturally throughout your site within your titles, product descriptions, and general content. This will help you appear in searches. If you are writing blog posts, use your keywords where possible and generally be descriptive within your post. For example, if you have visited a recent trade show and are writing about it, use the title of the trade show, the date, and describe it. Adding rich unique content to your site widens your chances of being included in alternative searches and you could rank for the trade show. Regular blog posts are a great way to increase website traffic as it indicates to Google that your site is very much active, but also provides it with more content to pull out in searches.

User testing

It’s always good to have an outside opinion. User testing involves professional users testing aspects of your site to see if there is anything you can do to improve the layout of your site which could help with sales.

This can be a great way to gain some valuable feedback from someone other than friends and family. They can spot vital mistakes such as spelling errors or broken links, and can help you iron out any problems which might be putting potential customers off.

In general, it is a good idea to analyze your final site design and layout as though you were a customer yourself. Is it easy to find your way around the site? Is it clear what you offer if you just look at your homepage? Do you think you are showing your products off at their full potential?

Websites can be expensive, and it is understandable that photography, strong branding, and web design is expensive but remember you can make tweaks as your business develops. There are some excellent SEO and CRO agencies which can provide some professional help as they will have access to the latest methods and software available to improve your website, however these services can be expensive to those with a very small budget, these basic tips will help you get started.

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