How To Find Your Niche in Instagram

Half of the world are using the Instagram platform. This means that is becoming a favorite platform fast. We all like pretty and appealing photos which is what Instagram is all about. Joining is easy and once you get a hang of it, sharing photos is also easy.

However, if you are looking to expand your audience or business on Instagram, you need to find a way to improve and have a unique Instagram presence. A unique presence on this platform will allow you to reach a wider audience, earn more income, and get more readers to your blog if you happen to have one.

To achieve all this, you have to find a niche that suits your needs. This means that you have to find something unique that your followers can’t get anywhere. So how do you find a niche in Instagram:

  1. Find what interests you

There is no fun in doing what you don’t like. As a matter of fact, fun streams from doing activities you like. If you do something that doesn’t interest you will get bore really fast, if you want to get people to like what you have to offer them you also have to be very passionate about the photos you are taking.

This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try new things but if you have to, you need to make sure its something that interests you. Try everything you have to until your followers relate to it in a different way. Unless you enjoy your photos, the reality of the matter is no one will.

  1. Be Consistent

Being consistent is a solid-proof way to add credibility to your profile or brand. Like blogging, unless you are consistent no one will be interested. You have to keep your instagram followers interested by posting every other time and at similar times. Whether you post once a month, once a week, or once a day, stick to the routine.

Make use of the Instagram stories feature if you don’t post everyday to make sure that you keep them expecting more. If you really want to expand your brand, make sure you post daily and at time intervals that are strategic. However, make sure you don’t do it too often, no one likes a spammer!

  1. Define your audience

If you remain consistent, you will be able to identify the people who have a liking to your bran. You will learn his by how often they like and comment on your photos. To find your audience, you need to find hashtags that are associate with your niche and do some research on them.

By finding the posts that use popular hashtags related with your niche you will also find the people who haveinterest in the same niche. This will make them interested in your products as well. The hashtags will also make you find your competition and track their success. Try and interact with the people interested in your niche if you want them to follow you back.

  1. Engage with the potential audience

Once you have identified the people interested in your niche, you have to make sure you engage with them if you want to catch their attention. You do this by following their accounts at first to show them that you are interested in them. If they see that, they might just follow you back.

You can also do this by liking and commenting on some of their posts. Everyone on Instagram appreciates comments as much as they do likes so will definitely get their attention.

  1. Create a perfect bio

Believe it or not, your Instagram bio is a lot like your resume. The first thing a person does before they follow you is read everything on your bio. Therefore, you need to make sure the information on the bio is compelling enough.

You have to come up a clear cut theory that explains what you do and what you like as well as your strengths. A glimpse into your bio and one can tell what you are all about. Make sure the bio depicts your bio clearly and genuinely.

  1. Develop a strategy

Even though you have to make sure your photos and captions are captivating, you have to make sure you have a strategic and detailed plan if you want to attract your niche and have your brand grow. The strategy has to have a clear depiction of the number of times you will be posing, the photo that got the most likes and comments, the content your audience enjoys, and anything relative to make the brand grow.

You can do this you will focus more on your potential niche. This will also gear towards making the post interactive and alive.

  1. Have a Call-to-action

To keep your audience and niche interested, you have to keep telling them what you require them to do. The idea is to gear people to move to your blog or buy your product. A CTA will also compel them to join your email list. The idea is to make sure that they act on what you tell them to.

  1. Hashtag everything

If you want people in your niche to notice you or increase engagement in your profile, hashtags are the best way to do so. Make a point of hash tagging everything on your photo o boost more views. People within your niche will be drawn to you by the hashtags you use. Hashtags allow more people to find your profile and follow you.


All these tips will allow you to find your niche in Instagram. You also need to make a habit of tagging people and brands that appear in your photos. If the person or brand is on Instagram you might be lucky enough to have their followers follow you as well. This might also lead to reposts which will also lead to people interested in what you have to offer following you. The idea is to make sure that you can get people within your niche to follow you back.

If you have any questions, please ask below!