How to Create an Effective “About us” Page

We all know for a fact that a web page requires a great lot of attention and efforts. And your “About us” page is of high importance. This page shows the history, future, and present of the company. Well, you must be thinking who actually reads it. Is it actually that big of a deal? Here are some stats to support the importance of the “About us” page. A study from KoMarketing shows that 52% of the visitors are actually interested in seeing the “About us” page.

The chart clearly shows that after products & services and contact information pages the most viewed page is that of “About Us”. I’ve observed on several websites, that they lack this page because they actually don’t think of it really important. Some don’t think that’s it’s necessary to have this page and some just put it with half-heart. Such “About us” pages won’t really make a difference in your sales funnel. I’d be honest here, not every business need it but it is necessary for some businesses. For example, if you’re visiting a website of a software house, you would want to know when they were formed, what sort of projects they actually take and with whom they have been previously working?

Writing About us page is actually important. It isn’t supposed to be boring, repetitive and about showing the best image of the company. If you put efforts into it in the right way, you can gain a great benefit from it. It is not something that you have to keep up to date constantly. You won’t have to make constant efforts to scale the leads up as you do with your blog. So “About us” is quite an easy as it’s just a one time job. Trust me if you do this job right you’ll certainly see a significant difference in your sales.

How to redefine About Us page?

A general dictionary would say that it’s a webpage commonly seen on websites to demonstrate about the organization, its history, and the mission. Many will consider this definition a true depiction of the about us page but trust me this is not just it. In my opinion, this definition is a little flawed. It is all about the organization and nothing about the users visiting it. Of course, you have to tell about your organization’s values, culture, history, and mission but there is more to it.

What questions should be answered in “about us” section?

This section should be designed with the user intent in mind. Why in the first place user is visiting you? What does he seek? The quest for finding the right service or inquiry about something relative brought him to your webpage? You certainly don’t want your visitor to go screaming for the exit by just reading about you and your achievements as an organization.

You would want to answer the unanswered questions of your visitors like:

  • What is in it for him?
  • Is he in the right place?
  • Can the organization or person help him with his problem?

For example: If you’re introducing Cox Contour to your audience. How will you introduce it? Definitely, you’ll define its features, pricing and how is it different from other internet and cable service providers out there. How does it facilitate you? You can tell people how cox contour app lets you enjoy your favorite TV shows on the go etc.

What should be the aim of the “About us” page?

The term “About us” is actually misleading you. You need to make it more about your visitors. You need to provide them an indirect summary of all the services that you’re providing.

Know your customer:

Knowing your customer is important. You must have known the Greek aphorism “know thyself”. It is a key factor in designing an interactive and impactful “about us” paragraph. It can be short, but it should be effective that it motivates the user to probe your website even more. Know your potential audience and their needs. You’d really want to know where does the potential customer is at the sales funnel. If a visitor is at the about us page, then certainly he is probing into your platform and getting to know about you. So he is just at the beginning of your sales funnel.

Start with a strong defining headline:

It is a very common human psychology that we read or go towards the things that intrigue us. So make your headline an interesting one. It can be a call to action phrase or a one-liner about your business. Be creative with it. Play with words to form an effective headline. Ask a question which sparks curiosity among the visitors. There are several things you can do to create a creative mix of words to prompt visitors.


Be as transparent as you can to provide your visitors with a clear view of your offerings. It imparts a very positive impression on visitors and creates a sense of authenticity and credibility among the visitors.

I hope the article has introduced you to the importance of About us page. It may not be an important part of every website but is an integral part of most of the websites. Most of the businesses need it badly because it helps in introducing you and your services to the visitor or user.

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