How to Build a Medical Website & Market It Efficiently

With more and more Internet-dependent advertisement nowadays, it is a huge requirement to promote your business online to keep yourself competitive and relevant in the market all the time.

It is all about having:

  • A high converting and mobile-friendly Website
  • High-quality traffic
  • An automated system and finally
  • Be different from everyone else.

Following these steps given below you can grow your medical business.

Website Template design

The first impression of your medical office website matters the most because it is what a patient thinks about your practice when he/she visits your site.

  • Make the design simple, credible and professional.
  • Ask yourself what is the message of your website and categorize the unique features and put them under different tabs accordingly. For example, if your practice concerns dental then make sure to build a separate dental website template.
  • Avoid chaotic colors and unnecessary animations.
  • Make sure to build an easy to follow layout with clear navigation structure.
  • Apply a grid layout to display a logical information flow.
  • Add a video that clearly states what your company does, what are the unique features, how do you solve difficult medical problems and why it is the best in the market.
  • Attaching a Google form is very important. Quite often when people call the contact number given on the website, they find it to be either put on hold or voicemail; this might seriously cause you loss of a client.
    So, it is better to attach a form where the patient can fill out their details and preferred time of appointment. The way should be “Scrolling independent” that is even if the client scroll downwards to look for other contents of the website he can always see the form on the right side of the page.
  • Do not talk about yourself, but instead talk about how you can solve the problem. Rephrase your sentences in such a way so that it seems to speak for the patients. For example, instead of using ‘We offer…’ Or ‘’we do…” use “When you come to our clinic, you experience… “.
  • Focus on the content of your medical office website. You have to follow these ground rules not only on the homepage but also in every inner page of your website

Categorize your content into three sections:

  1. WHY? – Why should I come to your practice?
  2. WHAT? – What precisely is your field of expertise? What is your own Unique Selling Point? Suppose you are a dentist or a podiatrist, then you have to mention your skills.
  3. HOW? – How are you going to deliver? Here will be all the details of your procedure.
  4. WHAT IF? – What if I come to your practice and check you up for my treatment, what will you allow me to do or have?

Traffic Conversions

The conversion on your site has a lot to do with its design. Conversions are the proportion of visitors to a website who take action rather than a casual content view or wrongfully site visit. To increase Conversion, you can use Landing pages and capture forms.

  • Landing Pages are the inner pages that contain essential information. For example, if your website is a general medical website, you must add internal pages for different sections like Podiatry Websites, Dental websites, etc.
  • Capture forms are the most searched keyword on your website by a patient.
  • Offer a free consultation to keep the client engaged thus increasing your traffic.

Search Engine Optimization

It is a method using which you can get a higher rank in Google search. If Google sends someone to your website and that person bounces back to Google after 5 seconds, then Google will think that it was not an appropriate search and your site will get pushed downwards on the search results.

In this case, having a video is essential from the optimization point of view because the search engine will always look for how much time a client is engaged in a website. So this can trick Google thinking that it was an excellent search and you will be pushed upwards on the search results.

Dynamic Tracking

It happens most of the time that when a customer calls you and you asks “Hey, where did you get this recommendation from?” The other side replies “The Internet”; this is not a very helpful answer because the Internet is a vast place and to make a statistical arrangement you need to know where most of your calls are originating. Dynamic Tracking lets you do this precisely by tracking from where initially the search began. It can also make you see the keywords being searched for your website.

Be Responsive

People often search for different health issues, online first and then contact the doctors. So, it is a necessity to keep an FAQ and a Contact Us form on your website so that people do not have to click through several pages and give you their information. Referring to this section, patients will consult their doctors and book their appointments.

Add Social Media Links

The ideal way to attract more clients is to engage with social media and using Google AdSense. So don’t forget to embed a “Facebook Like” and a “Google Plus” box. If you make regular YouTube videos about Health and Lifestyle, then add the relevant links to your channel on the website. It is important because the more people follow you, the more it helps from a Search Engine Optimization standpoint.

So, if you follow these ideas in creating your medical website and increasing traffic, your business will be thriving within several months.

If you have any questions, please ask below!