How To Be Successful With Forum Posting?

A quick guide for the newbie-If you are new to forum posting and would like to know better about what’s expected from you as a forum poster, here’s help.

If you are a new to making money online, you might be intimidated by the many ways someone can possibly earn online. Basic English knowledge is a must if you aspire to make money online through your writing skills. If you are a writer, you might make a good forum poster as well, only when you follow some rules for forum posting.

Top 5 Things to do as a Forum Poster


1. Error-Free Writing

It is essential to have fool-proof spelling and grammar in all your posts. Always remember that the forums are a place where people talk more freely than any other websites or blogs. Your words represent you, a reply or a thread with many spelling or grammar errors would make people think low of you. When you are on a forum, your posts should make people think that you are informative, level-headed and thought-provoking.


Example-If you want to know something on the forum

  • Bad-I wanting know how
  • Better-I want to know how

If you sound gibberish, you will lose your profile value and people would consider you as a spammer, see more at stop forum spam

2. Mind Your Language

Good and kind words are always a plus. No name calling or abusive languages on forums look good. It may lead to infringement or a suspended account. If you are an emotional person, it is important to hold your emotions on a leash so that you do not write to hurt others feelings.


Example-On a post where someone doesn’t agree with what you say

  • Bad-Mind your business monkey face
  • Better-I’m sorry but I would like to differ…

If you indulge in name calling or posting racist or sexist comments, you will never get paid to post in forums and your profile would look very cheap. Compassionate words from a reputed poster is always valued in a forum.

3. Length of the post

Most forums have a like button or a thank you button on their posts. It is advisable to select them instead of posting a thank you post. A “thank you post” would make no sense if it were just a few words. It would be looked upon as a poster who just wants to improve the number of posts than adding value to the forum. It is best to stick to a few lines when you post. A three or four complete sentences answers make better sense than phrased answers.


Example-You read a good post about hair fall and your response is

  • Bad-I agree
  • Better-I’m glad I read something that I could relate to. Hair fall is a big problem for many women today and your post was very informative. I would like to try out some of your tips and will let you know if it works!

Make your replies conversational. It adds value to the forum and makes you a very valuable forum poster too. It is not important to write a long post every time you post something. If you think your reply would add value to the post with a few lines, that is also a good approach.

4. Formatting and Capitalization

Sometimes, people who post on forums have their own formats and styles. It is a good idea if their formatting makes sense. If it is too cramped up or spaced out, the answers lose value. It is very important to mind capitalization on your posts. If you write in all capitals, it would sound like you are yelling at someone. Always keep in mind to capitalize “I”



  • Bad: i am a good dancer and i love to sing too
  • Better: I am a good dancer and I love to sing

Make sure that your posts make people read what you want to express. A well-formatted post with some interactive and valuable information would help the reader relate more to you in a positive way.

5. The ratio between the Threads started Vs Replies sent

As a forum poster, keep a ratio to the threads created Vs replies sent. You would look like a spammer if you kept replying more questions but have no threads started. Ask what you want to, when you are new to the forum, learn as much as you can from the forum. This will help you in the long run to create more posts which relate to the forum.



  • Bad: Having 20 replies without any thread started
  • Better: Have at least one thread for every 10 replies you post

It is better if you have a healthy ratio between the replies you send and the threads you start. Always make sure to check if the question is already asked if you plan to ask something as a new thread. Repetitive questions do not sound good on your profile.

6. Know What You Are Doing

When paid for posting on a forum, the forum owners want their forums to bustle with a healthy activity related to their business. If you are going to post very general posts, the forum owner might not want you to post in their forum at all. Participating in the posting activity is very important to keep your writer profile alive.


Example-You are on a cooking forum, starting a thread

  • Bad-Which is the Best iPhone?
  • Better-What cookware do you prefer?

Keep in mind that you are writing for the growth of the forum owner’s business and that is exactly why you are a paid as a forum poster. If you have related posts to make the forum active, it will reward you for sure!

Bonus Read

It is a very good idea to add a picture to your profile. Adding your real face to the forum is not a must, but when you add it, it looks more meaningful and readers on the forum would be able to relate to you more.


If you have any questions, please ask below!