How to Achieve Your Marketing Objectives by Using Instagram

In recent years businesses have increasingly taken to using Instagram because it represents the ideal platform for brands to reach out with photos and messages to the millions using the social media platform. When it first came into being, Instagram was perceived only a way of sharing photos with your followers and nobody imagined that it had any marketing value. However, with its ability to carry both images and messages it has turned out to be a very effective way for the marketers to reach out to audiences in a way they prefer. Thus it is important not to ignore this great new platform when formulating your marketing and communications strategy.Here are a few tips on using Instagram to market your products.


Reach Out to a Wider Audience Using Instagram Profiles

While it started out as a mobile application and remained so for a few years, Instagram is now available on the web since November 2012, thus increasing its reach to a new audience in addition to users on Android phones and iPhones. This feature has made it possible for marketers to communicate to audiences on devices other than cell phones. Using Instagram photos audiences can now get a far better insight into whatever you are trying to promote: products, service, happenings in the company, etc. The Instagram webpage makes it possible for companies to tell a more compelling story supported by photos. Make strategic use of your Instagram profile to make it convenient to the audience at large to appreciate your story. However, it is necessary for you to take a look at how all the content comes together with clarity and cohesiveness.

Use Contests to Engage Your Audience

Due to its ability to transmit images, Instagram has become extremely popular as a platform for conducting photo contents. You will find it very easy to engage customers with photo contests on Instagram. Some popular methods are asking users to vote for the pictures they like the most or use a hashtag to tag the pictures they are posting on the platform. The addition of the hashtag makes it very simple for users to search pictures and pick out their choice. For a contest to succeed, it is important that extremely engaging content be posted on the platform. The creation of a contest, that asks followers of your brand why they love your brand, is a very good way of influencing engagement. With consistent strategy of high-quality engagement, you will no longer require the use of an Instagram bot to raise the number of your followers.

Use Promo Codes to Reward Followers

When you post photos or images on Instagram, it should be with a strategic intent of attracting the attention of your followers and building an appetite for more such content. It can be very useful to reward the effort of followers who actually take time to look at the visuals and read the text content. In a contest-like situation, you can give away promo codes that will allow a discount on product purchases or reward them with attractive prizes. Smart marketers will try to keep the levels of excitement and engagement very high and consistent through the year. It is important to recognize that promo codes need to be used in a very creative way that is interesting to the target audience. The audience will recognize the effort that has been put in and reward the brand with higher levels of engagement. Such an effort can never be random and you will need to construct an editorial calendar according to which you can plan out your Instagram events.

Showcase Your Customers

As every marketer understands, the biggest advocates of a brand are its customers. Using Instagram, you can easily tell the company’s story from the customer’s perspective and make it more credible and relevant for the audience. You can include some customer reviews of your product along with their photos to create a big impact. This strategy can be used to great effect to give more credibility to your brand contents when you post some pictures of your fans actually receiving prizes from the company or are engaged in a meet with a celebrity endorser, etc.

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