How Restaurants Can Use QR Codes in Their Marketing Campaigns?

olives-qr-codeMobile marketing campaigns (see successful examples) are becoming so popular that businesses are trying to find new and interesting ways to use mobile technology to market to their audience. This is especially the case for restaurants. Restaurant marketing campaigns are now using SMS messaging to reach their target audience. Despite this they seem to be oblivious to the use of QR codes that are actually a great way to grow their business.

If your restaurant is embarking on a mobile marketing campaign here are some ways to integrate QR codes into that strategy:

Marketing Your Restaurant - Marketing your restaurant through signage can be difficult because of the limited amount of space provided. When posting signs, you will have to omit vital information about a promo or offer due to the lack of space. By using a QR code, you are not forced to pack your signs with information. Instead, your signs are a way to grab your potential customers' attention. By adding a QR code, your customers can scan this and get access to other important information such as menu offerings, daily specials and even deals and promos.

Provide Health Information - Have a QR code on the menu that provides information on dishes. This information could be the number of calories, how the dish is prepared and the ingredients. Customers can access this information without taking up the valuable time of your wait staff.

Engage Your Customers - Placing a QR code on each of your tables provides diners with interesting facts and fun history about your restaurant. Not only is this a great way to keep them entertained while they wait for their food, but it is also a savvy marketing technique that gives your patrons more knowledge about the business. If your restaurant caters mostly to families with children, you can provide information on the QR code that is kid-friendly. The information on your QR code must target the specific audience directly.

Linking to Social Media - Your QR codes can also have links to your social media accounts. Your diners can then "like" and "follow" your restaurant through there. Do not forget to entice them with deals and discounts for "likes" and "follows". By including this information into your QR codes, you are linking your online marketing campaign with your physical advertisements.

Information to Provide on Your QR Code - Different restaurants types will have different approaches to QR codes. For instance, a fine dining restaurant could use a QR code on an ad to show photographs of their food and take potential customers to their online reservation system. On the other hand, a fast food establishment could use a QR code to obtain an e-mail address in exchange for a discount. To use these codes effectively, make sure that information enhances the image of your restaurant.

Streamlined Take Out Ordering - If your restaurant offers take-out, QR codes will streamline the process. Place the code on your takeout menu. When this is scanned, it could take the customer to a mobile optimized ordering site that allows them directly fill up the form to place an order immediately. Streamlining take out ordering makes it easier and more convenient for your customers. If your food is good and the ordering is easy, diners will surely be coming back to your restaurant.

Restaurants can benefit from QR codes because they can be used in a number of different ways. If your restaurant is embarking on a mobile marketing strategy, using this strategy effectively will give you an edge on your competitors.

Ghaida Eliza is a freelance author who has interest in writing about social media marketing, mobile marketing, and text marketing. She is currently working as a freelance author for LeraBlog and Trumpia.

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