How Do Crypto Influencer Marketing Agencies Work?

Quite often, influencer marketing is an integral part of comprehensive crypto marketing strategies, and, therefore, Web 3.0 projects have to spend a lot of time searching for the right contacts, establishing partnerships, and preparing advertising content. Fortunately, all these tasks can be delegated to professionals – a crypto influencer marketing agency, such as Coinband. Below, we will tell you how crypto influencer marketing is implemented, and also share our insights about what hidden benefits you get from cooperation with such an agency.

What Is the Essence of Crypto Influencer Marketing?

Let’s look at the main stages of crypto influencer marketing – there are six in total:

  • Identifying the best influencers to collaborate with. Typically, a crypto influencer marketing strategy begins with recruiting influential individuals in the crypto community who have a large number of followers, an active audience, and a generally recognized reputation. These can be bloggers, YouTube vloggers, Twitter influencers, Instagram bloggers, as well as administrators of Telegram channels and Discord servers. Ultimately, you should select those online platforms that have the largest number of potential participants in a particular crypto project.
  • Formation of partnerships and agreements. Once you have selected the most suitable candidates for subsequent cooperation, you must make them a favorable offer. Also, during your first communication, do not forget to find out the payment for posting content, and also ask whether bonuses or tokens of your project will be relevant to a particular influencer.
  • Creation of advertising content. When your partnership has become formal and you have entered into an agreement with influencers, you need to think about what format of content related to your project they should present to their subscribers. This could be reviews of your project, interviews with your development team, discussion of the features and benefits of the project, participation in AMA (Ask Me Anything) sessions, etc. Regardless of what type of content you choose, ultimately you will have to start preparing it.
  • Publishing content according to a predefined schedule. Once you have prepared a content plan and agreed on it with a specific influencer, he or she proceeds to publish it according to a predetermined schedule, using his or her blog, social media profile, or any other platform with a loyal audience. This way, this influencer attracts the attention of the audience to your crypto project and informs them about its nuances and advantages.
  • Interaction with an engaged audience. To dispel possible doubts of the audience and answer all their questions, the influencer personally communicates with them, additionally discussing topics, maintaining dialogue, and, thus, increasing their overall engagement.
  • After the first ad post, you should analyze the audience engagement metrics. If you’re aiming for a long-term relationship with a specific influencer, using these metrics will help you optimize your content plan for the next stages of your marketing strategy.

In general, crypto influencer marketing, when done correctly, can be a very powerful approach to promoting your project, especially when it comes to time-limited events such as ICOs, IDOs, and so on.

Why Is It Better to Collaborate with a Crypto Marketing Agency Than to Implement Influencer Marketing on Your Own?

Generally speaking, these days, only a few project owners engage in marketing on their own. However, when it comes to influencer marketing, everything seems extremely simple to many of them. In reality, this type of marketing has no fewer pitfalls and challenges than its other varieties. Actually, this is why it makes sense to contact an agency that specializes in building reliable, long-term partnerships with crypto-influencers. Here are the benefits you can get from such cooperation:

  • Expertise in promoting Web 3.0 solutions. Marketing agencies specializing in promoting Web 3.0 solutions usually have many years of relevant experience. This means that they have an excellent understanding of the unique characteristics and requirements of this industry, which allows them to create more effective marketing strategies than those that can be implemented by non-professionals.
  • An extensive network of contacts. Marketing agencies working in the Web 3.0 sector often have their own network of connections to the crypto community, including developers, investors, bloggers, and other influential individuals. This allows them to create long-term crypto influencer marketing strategies and achieve the best results from their implementation.
  • Deep technological expertise. Even the most basic Web 3.0 technologies, such as blockchain, decentralized applications, NFTs, and smart contracts, require deep technical understanding on the part of those developing a marketing strategy. In turn, the specialists of the crypto marketing agency you choose will have the appropriate knowledge, which means you will have confidence that the content they create is professional and expert.
  • Innovative Web 3.0 marketing strategies. Web 3.0 marketing uses a lot of methods and approaches that are often untypical to Web 2.0 marketing, and your future contractor will be well aware of these differences. In this way, you will be offered creative ideas that will bring practical benefits to your project and help it stand out from competitive crypto- and blockchain solutions.
  • Risk management. Since influencer marketing also involves managing the risks associated with public speaking and communicating with influencers, depending on audience reactions, your marketing agency will be able to overcome the possible challenges by following different scenarios refined over time.
  • Saving your time and finances. Finally, you will be able to devote all your time to your regular business tasks related to the development of your project and not be distracted by marketing activities in the nuances of which you may not be sufficiently aware. Moreover, you will receive a kind of guarantee that the time and financial resources allocated by you will be spent with maximum benefit for your Web 3.0 solution.

Which Crypto Marketing Agency Is Best to Contact?

Overall, by entrusting a crypto marketing agency to implement influencer marketing in the Web 3.0 sector, you will be able to achieve better results from your marketing efforts. If you are just looking for such an agency, pay attention to Coinband – these guys are guaranteed to meet your expectations!

If you have any questions, please ask below!