How Custom Boxes with Inserts Add Value to Your Packaging?

Custom boxes with inserts can be a great source to add value to your packaging and appeal to audiences. Inserts can provide ultimate safety and increase product value. When it comes to custom boxes, there are different things that come into its packaging and inserts are one of them. Inserts play an effective role in custom packaging and add value to the product interaction experience. They keep your products fixed in place and keep them safe from any kind of damage. An insert goes inside your boxes in addition to your products and acts as a product holder. This thing makes your product the center of attention for your target audiences. There are usually two kinds of inserts that businesses use for their products.

It can either be protective inserts such as foam inserts for cushioning, or paper inserts printed with information about your items or your brand. Inserts are a cost-effective way to benefit your product packaging and appeal to your target audiences. In this article, we will explore how custom inserts can add value to your product packaging.

Custom Boxes With Inserts Are Cost-Effective:

Adding inserts to your custom boxes is a cost-effective way to increase the worth of your packaging. Packaging inserts are a cheap addition to your boxes as they don’t cost much. You can easily opt for the inserts option without burning the bank and losing big chunks of money. However, in comparison to plain inserts, printed inserts can be a little costly but not in a way that can make you broke. That’s how inserts are a non-expensive option that can easily be considered. With the help of inserts, you can communicate a high-end feel to customers and increase your product’s worth.

Customizable inserts only consume the necessary packaging material, this way your money gets saved that can get wasted on unnecessary consumption of material. Secondly, if you want to communicate to customers in an engaging way without spending money on printing for inserts, you can try promotional inserts such as thank-you cards. Hence, inserts are the least-costly addition to your packaging.

A Way To Target Your Audiences:

Inserts provide you the opportunity to target your ideal buyers and make a lasting impression on them via your personalized boxes. Through printed inserts, you can talk about your branding elements and boost your business image. For instance, you can share vital information such as your brand story, values, and any initiatives that can impact your customers. This thing is especially beneficial for e-commerce businesses that don’t contain a physical presence. Hence, the packaging is the only option for these businesses to engage with audiences and communicate any specialties. Adding a brand story via your inserts can go a long way. It can help you build a deep connection with your target customers and let them what you stand for and what is your vision. You can also talk about your initiatives such as sustainable packaging for products that are a customer’s demand nowadays.

A Great Email Alternative:

Even though email marketing is a valuable option to engage with customers but it never guarantees that customers will option your email. On the other hand, an insert is a sure way to get attention from customers when they open your custom packaging box. Because in boxes with inserts, the insert is the main thing that holds your product, that’s why it is the first thing that customers notice. This way, you get the opportunity to directly establish a connection with your target audiences. Through these inserts, you can share your brand narrative with customers and make a great impact on them. If you opt for foam inserts, they speak for themselves. The inserts build a sense of luxury and high-quality packaging that can impress your audiences and build your business value. An email cannot do these things while an insert guarantees consumer engagement in impressive ways.

Product Information For Customers:

Inserts are a great way to share product information with customers and engage them. In your custom-printed boxes, you can use inserts to educate customers about your product. Information such as what your product is made from or how it should be used can help you build audience trust in your business. Any tips and tricks or ingredient info can also be communicated with your inserts. When customers feel educated and taught by a business, this thing increases business respect for them and makes a lasting impact. Customers love to interact with brands that offer complete transparency and share every necessary info with them.

Perhaps you can see it as a harmful option for your brand reputation but communicating warnings and toxic ingredients is also a powerful way to use your custom inserts. This way, customers will know that you care about their safety because of communicating warnings. This thing can be a source of appreciation from customers for your packaging.

Provide Discounts Offers:

Custom inserts are an excellent way to boost sales through special discounts. By adding personal discount codes, you can encourage more purchases and benefit your business. When customers see they have their own discount codes, it makes them feel special and drives loyalty toward the business. In order to do this, you can create small, business-card discount box inserts or you can also make large flyers that customers can use. With the help of inserts in your custom-made boxes, you can also include free samples for related products or any information regarding new product releases. This way, you will not only boost sales but also keep customers updated regarding your brand’s plans for upcoming products.


Using Inserts in custom boxes can increase your product value and engage audiences in an inspiring way. Inserts do not only keep your products safe but also add a sense of premium product to your packaging. Customers interacting with your inserts can learn more about your product and this can boost your sales level. Custom printed boxes can effectively boost your brand image and impact your business growth. Secondly, these boxes provide you with the opportunity to make your packaging the center of attention for your ideal buyers.

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