Frquent Mistakes Made on Youtube Videos

youtubeThe push these days is to use social media in all kinds of marketing. Regardless of your business - whether you sell interior decorating items online or have a regional plumbing business - the use of YouTube to promote your business can be a huge benefit. The search engines move your website up in rankings when you have videos online. If those videos get views and comments, you move up even higher. If you are in a highly competitive business, successful YouTube videos can tip the scale in your favor. A bad video can do the opposite. Here are 5 mistakes made on YouTube videos that you can avoid, and improve your chances of increased viewership.

Great Expectations

I can't tell you how many people I've heard make the comment, "Let's make a viral video!" You CAN'T make a viral video. A viral video just happens. Sure, you can make a GOOD video, but whether or not it turns viral will depend on one of two things: either you have a really clever, experienced ad agency and lots of production funds, or something accidental happens during your video that catches everyone's attention.

So, decide from the outset that you are just going to make an informative video that your customers will find useful or interesting. This is what you know, so share it. Make the most professional production you can, and if it goes viral, congratulations!

Taking Promotion For Granted

Another big mistake in YouTube advertising is failure to promote your video. Promote your videos on Facebook, Twitter, and all of your other social media accounts. The more places you place a link or click-through to your video, the more chances it will have of being viewed. The key here is to PROMOTE.

Think They've Made A Commercial

This isn't like a commercial on TV, where the business or company buys ad space and everyone is exposed to the commercial. On the internet, that's called PPI, or pay per impression. You can promote your video that way, but people STILL have to go to YouTube to watch it - it doesn't come to them. So, in your monthly newsletter and weekly emails, include a link to your video, and invite your customers to "get more information" from the video. You can even offer a discount on a certain service if they leave a comment. And remember, the internet is more personal than a TV. Therefore, YouTube videos are more personal than commercials. Don't make a commercial, in which you try to sell. Inform your customers, and they will respond.

Tt's Not Just Youtube

There are other video platforms available, too. For professionals, Vimeo may be better than YouTube. For sports and sports gear or equipment, consider Mpora. Look around for other places to place your videos, and you'll see in increase in interaction, with views and comments.

Trying To Be Something You're Not

Above, be who you are. You don't have to be a polished public speaker. If you know your stuff, that is your strength. Go with it.

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