Free Web Referral Traffic to Pay Huge Dividends in 2020

The digital marketing landscape is undergoing major changes. The best marketing practices of 2010 or even 2015 are no longer very viable. Marketers need to explore entirely new streams of traffic if they want to stand a chance of competing in 2020 and beyond.

A lot of different variables come into play here. One of the biggest issues is the rising costs of running pay per click (PPC) campaigns. The average cost of a click on the Google ads search network is $2.69. This is too expensive for many advertisers to test.

Search engine optimization is also no longer a dominant source of traffic for marketers. Google has made numerous changes to its SERP algorithms, which have made it a lot harder for new websites to generate a steady stream of high converting traffic. The average website needs to wait at least six months before it starts seeing steady organic search traffic, but it is not uncommon for them to need to wait several years.

Facebook is also not nearly as dependable as a traffic source as it used to be. The social networking giant made some major changes to its algorithm a couple of years ago which has made it harder for websites to get any decent traffic. The new algorithm essentially requires Facebook marketers to pay for ads to receive any visibility at all. However, advertising costs are rising and compliance requirements are becoming more complicated.

Fortunately, marketers can take advantage of new options. Free referral traffic is one of the best opportunities to consider.

Why free referral traffic is going to dominate in 2020

Traditional marketing mediums are no longer as reliable. Fortunately, there are plenty of new referral marketing platforms that small businesses can try instead.

RelyCircle is one great option to drive new potential customers. This new platform enables businesses to download an app, create a business profile and start generating visibility. They can also attract businesses by offering a financial reward for leads by referrals.

There are a number of benefits of using platforms like RelyCircle. Some of the best advantages are listed below.

You can generate completely free traffic

The high cost of advertising with Google or Facebook can be a huge problem for many businesses. It can be difficult to create a profitable business model if you are paying two dollars a click. Of course, plenty of marketers that have mastered these platforms can make an excellent ROI. However, the high costs make it expensive to learn and many businesses can never crack the code of these platforms. Newer marketers face a harder learning curve.

Free referral traffic sources are virtually risk-free. As long as they have a positive impact on your brand, then they are absolutely worth trying.

You can pay for closed sales instead of clicks

While services like RelyCircle don’t charge for visibility, they enable businesses to pay only when visitors complete a purchase. This is a much better approach than paying for a click. There is no need to vet the quality of leads or be concerned about the conversion rates of the traffic. Small businesses use the app for free with zero costs up front. RelyCircle retains part of the referral fee offered by the business to the customer who referred the shopper.

You can find referral traffic sources that are perfect for your business model

Platforms like Google and Facebook cater to very broad audiences. It can be very difficult to target your traffic appropriately. Facebook is arguably even more difficult because there are so many demographic targeting variables that may or may not relate to your business.

Due to the wide range of topics and the sheer amount of competition on these platforms, it can be daunting to try creating a successful business model with them.

This won’t be nearly as big of a deal if you are using referral traffic from niche websites or apps. You can probably find a number of niche traffic sources that can send a decent amount of traffic that won’t be saturated with competition. You may find it is a lot easier to generate 1,000 visitors a day from a dozen of these platforms then it would be to spend half a year optimizing your blog for Google to get the same amount of traffic.

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