Develop Interactive Content and Boost Your Business Performance with eBook Publishing Services

Bring your already existing or new piece of art to the digital world. eBook services help authors as well as publishers reach readers across devices, channels and platforms. By bringing together the talent, technology and content, the highly skilled and experienced eBook publishing experts deliver smart and compelling digital and mobile content solutions. If an author will pay more attention to the tasks that are not meant for him like audience research, formatting manuscripts, managing email marketing system, eBook uploading and distribution, website content management, etc., his attention will get diverted from his main job of writing. This will further lead to a negative impact on his writing and he will not get the expected results.

eBook Publishing Services

Your book through print medium only reaches half of your target audience. By making it available in different formats that your readers like, you can increase its reach. eBooks sell faster than printed volumes and this is beneficial for the writers to establish themselves by making a direct approach in the internet market. ePublishing Services help writers to launch their stories on online retailers like Amazon, and make them visible to the world.

The creation, publishing, and distribution of eBooks are the three important factors that are considered when preparing eBooks for production. ePublishing solutions provide significant cost benefits, utmost quality and ample time to concentrate on core-business tasks.

Are you looking to cater to the demands of your rapidly growing readers? It is time to digitize your valuable books at affordable prices.

HTML5 and ePub3 eBooks

eBook Publishing Services Include

  • HTML5 and ePub3 eBooks
  • Book-as-an-app
  • eBook Conversion Services
  • Fixed Layout eBooks – ePub3, Kindle, and Apple
  • Read Aloud/ Audio Books
  • Web Accessible eBooks
  • eBook Distribution
  • Interactive and Enhanced eBooks


HTML5 is a core technology of Internet based publishing. It is a markup language used for presenting and structuring content for the World Wide Web. HTML has undergone five revisions, it aims at improving the language by providing support for latest multimedia, while keeping the content in such a way that it can be easily read by users and devices can consistently understand it. HTML5 developers use cutting-edge technology for creating eBooks and apps with unique and engaging functionality that provide great speed and performance. These skilled and experienced developers represent your content in an exceptional manner with sophisticated visual effects and fast animations.

Now create more responsive apps and eBooks with captivating and enriching user experience for your target audience. You can reach a wider audience by creating an eBook for the web platform. With effective HTML5 conversion, you can seamlessly roll-out your latest and valuable work. Highly skilled developers can help you get maximum benefit from your content. They keep in mind the end user and develop user-friendly interfaces with various functionalities to provide an immersive experience to your target audience.

Different Types of eBook Formats:

As a vendor-independent XML-based eBook format, ePUB has gained some popularity. It can be read by the Apple’s iBooks app running on Macintosh computers and iOS devices, the Kobo eReader, Google Books app running on Android, Barnes & Noble Nook, Amazon Kindle Fire, Sony Reader, COOL-ER, Adobe Digital Editions, the Mozilla Firefox add-on EPUBReader, and other reading apps.


A freeware program for viewing Palm Digital Media electronic books, eReader uses the pdb format that is used by many Palm applications. Its various versions are available for BlackBerry, iOS, Palm OS, Symbian, Windows Mobile Pocket PC/Smartphone, and OS X.

Just as the paper books, the reader shows text on one page at a time. eReader supports embedded images and hyperlinks. There are features like bookmarks and footnotes that the program supports. It enables user to mark any page with a bookmark and create footnote at any part of the text. Footnotes can also be later exported as a Memo document. eReader was the preferred format of Barnes & Noble to deliver eBooks initially. Barnes & Noble eBooks are currently being sold in ePUB format mostly.

eBook Publishing Services provide complete peace of mind as your eBook files are reviewed and checked for their quality before distribution. This makes sure that the message is not lost somewhere or altered during the process. eBook files are securely stored till the time you need them.


SunTec digital has been at the forefront of the eBook publishing industry. It offers a comprehensive suite of eBook creation, sales, and distribution services to help clients achieve their business objectives. With a wealth of experience that SunTec digital has, it can set you apart in the marketplace. Maximize your eBook distribution potential with the leading-edge technology of SunTec Digital.


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