Crucial PPC Mistakes to Avoid for Generating Quality Leads

PPC Advertising is a promising marketing channel, and many businesses are generating profitable revenues from it. However, PPC advertising is a tough cookie and needs significant expertise to drive decent business results.

Sometimes, business owners or new marketers create some ad campaigns, but they end up wasting money due to a lack of effective strategies, expertise and knowledge. PPC ads need proper and consistent optimization to deliver the potential results.

A prominent reason your ad campaigns are not doing well maybe that you are making some PPC ad optimization mistakes. These mistakes limit your ads to perform best and hurdles in delivering great ROI.

Let’s learn the crucial PPC mistakes you might make, and you should avoid these to have a plethora of quality leads.

1. Not Having a Specific Goal

When you create an ad campaign, it’s mandatory to have a particular goal for that PPC campaign. You can’t make an effective PPC ad campaign if you don’t have a target. Moreover, you can’t even have multiple goals for an ad campaign; it has to be one. You should have a clear target or even doing research before creating the whole ad campaign, including different ad copies, keywords, target audiences, locations, etc.

Setting an ad campaign goal is the foremost step, and you must decide a goal. After determining the goal, all your research and ad optimization will revolve around this goal, delivering astounding returns. Any vague or mixed goals can’t help you forge high-performing ad campaigns, and you must work on it.

2. Not Understanding Buyer Persona

The buyer persona has a significant value for the PPC ads. If you fail to understand the buyer persona and create your ad campaigns without considering it, then you can’t have any returns from your ads. All your ad spend will be wasted, and there will be no businesslike results.

A buyer persona is important because users will not click or convert on your ads if you do not give what they want. Ads that don’t align with your buyer intent, then it will not have any user response. In case if you have some user actions, then there is a high probability that the users are irrelevant, and you are not going to have any conversion.

So, it is vital to understand the buyer’s persona and create highly-relevant ads to boost your leads or conversion rate.

3. Improper Account Structure

Account structure can be a crucial factor that is keeping your ad campaigns to reach potential performance. Your PPC ads account should be well organized to perform well. Make sure all your campaigns have a unique objective and work on specific keyword groups. There must be no overlap between two ad campaigns or ad groups because it will waste your ad budget on the same thing twice.

Hence, make sure you follow the best practices for managing your paid ads account.

4. Not Considering User Intent on Various Advertising Channels

If you are promoting your business on various advertising channels, then the same ad strategy or ad copies can’t deliver you identical results from all.

A user searching on Google has a different intent than the one scrolling the Facebook feed.

Moreover, a YouTube user also has a different mindset while surfing the videos. Hence, you have to create separate ad strategies for your various advertising channels to fetch the best possible returns from all.

5. Not Filtering Audience with Exclusion Lists

You have to pay every time a user clicks on your ad. Now, these users must be your prospects so that you can have some leads or conversions. If you haven’t customized your audience, then it might happen that your ad will appear to the irrelevant audience, and all the clicks you’ll get won’t convert, which is inefficient.

Google ads or other advertising services provide various advanced settings to filter your specific audience. Moreover, to further refine your filtered audience, you have an option of an exclusion list. You can use this exclusion list to keep out some audience from seeing your ads. This audience can be someone who has some specific behavior or intent that doesn’t align with your ad goal. So, target a hyper-specific audience for your ads with an exclusion list to have high conversion and low spend.

6. Not Doing A/B Testing

There is no definition of best, and perhaps, it might be possible that your current best-performing ad campaign is not as good enough to generate leads you are assuming. You have to continuously work on your PPC ad campaigns to create the best-performing ad campaigns.

You should test multiple ad copies for an ad group to test which one works better. Now, you have to test the better performing with some other potential ad copy to find the best performing version. You have to keep doing it frequently to always keep your business results up.

You shouldn’t stick to the ad campaigns working well now. Always monitor the trends and A/B test various versions to generate the best possible results.

7. Paying No Attention to Post-Click Experience

The ultimate goal of an ad is to invite the users to your website’s landing page and make them convert. Now, if you don’t optimize your landing pages for the best user experience, then all your advertising strategies are fruitless. For better landing pages that convert supper well, you can consider backlinko’s landing page guide.

As users will come to your website from the ads, but due to bad landing page experience, they will exit and return to the search for finding more relevant results. In this way, you will pay for the clicks, but there will be no conversion. Hence, you’ll lose some of your paid budget due to no conversion on your non-performing landing page.

Moreover, Google also considers landing page experience to scale your ad quality score. If your landing page experience isn’t good, you won’t even appear to the users, which is again a bummer.

So, whether you need ad rankings or user conversion, you have to maintain a seamless landing page experience to get favorable business results from paid ads.

So, above all are some crucial PPC mistakes that you must avoid to generate quality leads. You should follow the best ad optimization practices and avoid such mistakes to have the best revenues from PPC advertising.

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