Benefits and Challenges of Influencer Marketing You Need to Know

Most consumers today depend on influencers who create genuine and authentic content for product and service recommendations. As a result, influencer marketing has become increasingly valuable for brands.

But it’s not fool-proof. More brands continue facing challenges with the implementation of influencer marketing.

This article lists the advantages and challenges you should consider before you can run an influencer campaign.

Let’s start with the advantages:

Benefits of Influencer Marketing

Working with an influencer can help your brand increase awareness, drive conversions, and improve your ROI. But that’s not all:

Other benefits include:

Generate High-Quality Leads

Influencers specialize in specific niches. If you pick one within your niche, then you can boost your brand’s visibility and increase awareness. Doing this can help you generate relevant leads and improve your ROI.

However, for this strategy of lead generation to work, you need a relevant influencer in your niche who appreciates your products. You also need an influencer with a wide reach and high engagement. They can then help you reach a large audience of people interested in your products or services.

Improve Your Search Ranking

Partnering with an influencer can help you build high-quality links that drive traffic and boost your search rankings.

If the influencer features or reviews your brand on their blog or social media pages, it can help boost your link-building strategy.

Challenges of Influencer Marketing

There are many influencer marketing benefits to convince you to start running influencer campaigns. However, there are potential challenges you should be aware of before joining the bandwagon.

They include:

Fake Influencers

The anonymity of the internet has led some social media users to create fake accounts they use to win influencer deals. These users make sure that the account has lots of followers and a high engagement rate to lure brands to work with them.

However, partnering with them can be detrimental to your brand. You can lose your investment and the trust of your target audience.

High Risks Involved

The bad behavior of influencers reflects poorly on your brand if they are promoting your brand.

For example, they could post content not relevant to your users or get involved in a scandal.

If this happens, it could ruin your reputation or lead to a loss of trust from consumers. It’s, therefore, essential to perform due diligence during the selection process.

Influencer marketing can be beneficial to your brand, but it’s important to note the challenges you may encounter. The infographic below, first published on, offers a detailed comparison. Check it out before deciding whether influencer marketing is right for your business.

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