B2B Digital Marketing Strategies To Gain Traction

Digital Marketing an Ocean of Opportunities!Statistics show that over $600 billion has been spent on digital marketing in 2020 as a part of marketing expenditure. With the growing smartphone users, digital marketers have understood the importance of a mobile-friendly website, which can help them to improve their business.

Digital marketing is becoming the major source of marketing expense for the major giants in the business. As much as it helps to gain traction from potential consumers, digital marketing enhances the lead conversion and the quality of leads. Major marketing agencies are testing out the best B2B web marketing solution which influences stress more on the strategy of market capture.

So, what are some of the best strategies that B2B organizations should employ to gain traction in 2020?

Let us explore some out-of-the-box strategies that B2B companies should use to increase online presence.

B2B Digital Marketing Strategies To Gain Traction

Improving the user experience:

2020 is the year of consumer-centric marketing. With the evolution of chatbots and AI, it has become evident that the digital revolution is getting more inclined towards quick response teams. It has thus become important to focus more on chatbots and their performance because more than 60% of users believe that 24-hour availability through a chatbot is the most supportive feature of the business.

Presence on YouTube can leverage your brand’s online presence:

As much as targeting is important, re-targeting your segment of the audience is essential. Through re-targeting, the positioning of your brand becomes more prominent, thus helping your audience to reach out to you through touchpoints. With more than 80% of the brands leveraging YouTube as their marketing tool and more than 500 million YouTube hours being watched. You might wonder about the advantages that YouTube marketing provides.

Here are a few of them:

  • As per Alexa rankings, YouTube stands second in the ranking for most visited website. It gives a great platform for marketers to capture the attention.
  • Viral marketing campaigns over YouTube is a trendy move since the videos are helpful in saying more than just motionless images.
  • Ease of value delivered to the audience coupled with ease of sharing the content are two factors that can make your video go viral.

YouTube, is a subsidiary of Google, enhances the SEO rankings and SERP positions of your website. Once a well-curated video on YouTube gains traction, it can improve your rankings over Google searches, thus increasing the potential to attract the clients.

Enhancing the local listing of your business:

Are you facing trouble to reaching out to your customer in micro-moments?

Is it that you are losing the most nearby customers to your competitor?

Geo-location is the solution to your business, missing out on the closest consumers. More than 75% of the consumers state that they give more importance to updates from the local business as it is more convenient for them. Yet, only 30% of the best marketers are using geo-location as a tool for digital marketing. If you are looking for quality leads, it is always beneficial to try geolocation marketing, as it provides permanent leads with better ROI.

Personalization of the services is the key trend in 2020:

The consumers are changing in terms of their preferences and tastes. What marketing tactic worked in the early 2000s might not work now. Even in B2B marketing, your client’s preference has become tailor-made, which makes it important to focus on the customization of the services. Digital marketing trends show more than 50% of the clients and consumers will prefer tailor-made advertisements as per their tastes and preference. The focus on the anticipation of the needs of the consumers along with personalization in every bit of marketing tool has become the new trend of 2020. For B2B digital marketing, it is essential to note that an improvement of 8X has been recorded in click-through rates when personalized videos were present as a marketing tool.

Note to ponder

Yet, with the growing requirement of digital marketing in B2B sector, there is still enough market to capture. With as much as 60% of the clients stating that online content drives their decision to foster partnership with a business, the importance of content and their quality is also a driving factor in B2B digital marketing strategies.

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