Attracting the Right Professionals for Your Business

It is all about seduction; not necessarily getting a woman in bed but getting others to want to do what you want them to do. I hope that was not confusing in any, way, manner or form. What I mean is that business, at the end of the day, sums up to how good you are at socializing and interacting with people. The better you are at this, the bigger your business contact will be, and the higher your chances of making a profit. Your network is your business and your business is your network.

The Largest Spider in the World

The largest spider in the world is called, humanity, and the size of its web is so big no one knows where it starts or ends. Its web has a unique name, the World Wide Web.

The internet is, indeed, the largest web in the world due to its characteristic of being a network of almost all electronic devices globally.

Social media are platforms that facilitate networking for either social or business purposes. However, there is not much difference between business and social networking apart from the fact that the former is presumed to be lucrative. Actually, the social aspect of any undertaking is what makes it lucrative. Look at Facebook, for instance, this platform is essentially social based and its founder is one of the richest people in the world.

In fact, most people don’t even know how Facebook makes money. What most Facebook users see when on the online platform is a place where they can pry into the lives of anyone they have ever known. However, the creators of Facebook understand the psychological value of the social aspect of human beings and they have leveraged it to create a platform that enables them to generate billions of dollars.

LinkedIn understood Facebook’s idea and developed a similar platform but for professionals. On Facebook, you’ll come across all kinds of people; from hobos and hippies to CEOs and Presidents. Nonetheless, when you evaluate LinkedIn advertising services, you’ll realize that 80% of all B2B advertising comes from the platform. LinkedIn is the place where professionals go to meet professionals. And when you interact with the interface on LinkedIn, you soon realize that how well you can connect with people significantly impacts how well those people will want to be connected to you.

Business communication emphasizes the need to connect with clients and prospects. Extensive courses on how to treat customers and clients are a recommendation for a business to be successful. “The customer is always right” is a phrase coined after the concept that by listening to customers, a business can determine the best ways of pleasing them; therefore, gaining loyal customers, which translates into more profit.

If you want more clients, more business, more profit, it all boils down to your socialization skills. Your ability to connect to people, to understand their needs, and finding methods of fulfilling those needs are what will build your network. Sometimes you fulfill the need of others by lending a listening ear or a should to cry on, and sometimes you do so by opening a business where people can have their needs and wants met at a small fee.

Learn to listen to others. Learn to understand others at the core level. Learn to connect to others and you will build a web that is wide and strong. Social media platforms are an excellent place to monitor and understand the needs of people. Use these tools to learn what you need to learn so that you can deliver what they really want. You don’t build a network by selling products to strangers, but by selling products to friends and acquaintances.

Think about Coca-Cola; I bet you don’t even know the location of any of its plants, but is it a friendly company or just some company that sells beverages? I rest my case!

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