An Overview of Mobile PPC Strategies, Tips and Tricks

Pay Per Click(PPC) has emerged as one of the most effective ways to draw the target audience to one’s website. With the number of people using their mobiles to access the internet rising steadily, mobile PPC is something which no organization can afford to ignore. Here are some of the tips and tricks which you can adopt to draw audience through mobile PPC.


Use mobile context information

Mobile context information is very useful in helping business find out what people are looking for from their mobile phones. It will help you to have a clear idea of the context in which you are advertising, thereby helping you to place ads according to requirements. Here are some behavior patterns of mobile users:

Information Research

Clients look for information on their mobile phones related to restaurants, address of a store, discounts and offers, etc.


Most consumers use multiple screens on their mobile phones. Typical examples include using a phone while playing online games or watching TV while using one’s mobile. There has been speculation that mobile screen can become the main screen using which people can control other screens.

Buying products

A sizeable section of people use their mobile phones to buy products. A recent research by Bing showed that mobile users are often taking quick decisions to buy products such as housewares.

Application of mobile specific wording on mobile ad copy

While creating ads on Google Adwords, make it a point to ensure that the ads are optimized for different screens. This will ensure that your target audience have a better experience than what they do while visiting PPC ads on their mobiles. The usage of mobile specific wording has become a common trend these days. By highlighting the word ”mobile” in ad copy or URL, you can enhance the credibility of your organization. Speed and convenience are two major factors in mobile search. Therefore make use of words which convey urgency such as buy now, call today etc.

Mobile Ad Extensions

There are quite a few ad extension products which are very effective for mobile. Use words like call us and provide directions within mobile PPC sitelinks. Location extensions also matter in mobile ads. You can find different results when you show location extensions when a shopping outlet is open and when it is closed. In case your business is eligible for seller ratings, then make it a point to include the most significant copy at the start of your description.

Mobile Landing Pages

Avoid using too much of text on the page. The font size of the text should be large enough so that visitors don’t need to zoom in. Be brief, but concise. Make sure that your pages load within a short period of time. People lose interest in pages which take too long to load. The buttons need to be clickable and the copy on then should be easy to see.

Concentrate on mobile scheduling strategies

Research has shown that usage of mobiles is more in the mornings before work, and after work. Most clients tend to purchase at the end of the day. Therefore, there is no point spending your whole budget at the start of the day. Schedule your budget in a precise manner to ensure good CPA clicks at the end of the day.

Once you adapt all the above mentioned strategies in your mobile PPC campaign, you will be able to drive a greater amount of traffic to your site. The conversion rates will also show marked improvement within a short time period.

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