An Introduction to Programmatic Marketing

marketingPeople fear that programmatic marketing (also known as programmatic media or programmatic advertising) is going to somehow dilute their marketing efforts. They fear that it may only pick up lower-quality leads, or that it will scare away customers in some way, but this is not true.

Starting With a Simple Example

When you sign up to advertise with Google Adwords, you are allowed to set your own bid price. This means that you get to decide how much you spend every time somebody clicks on one of your adverts. You can also set an automated bid price and a daily budget. That is a simplistic example of programmatic marketing because you are leaving part of the process up to a piece of software.

A Moderately Complex Example

You may sell items online and may wish to contact your customers after they have purchased. You can have software create emails automatically based on what you know about the customer, and based on what was bought. It could suggest add-on products, further up sells and after sales.

A More Complex Example

A website may use information about the user to craft a website experience that best serves the person that visits the website. Things such as their cookies may be scanned, along with details from their social media profiles that they are logged into, and information from the location they arrived from. This may be used to dynamically create a web page and website user experience that appeals to the user on a more personal level, thereby improving the chances of a conversion.

Installed cookies on the user’s device may then spawn new adverts for that same website and the products that the user looked at, but these new adverts appear on other people’s websites.

Defining Programmatic Marketing

There are plenty of companies that provide programmatic marketing solutions, such as PRGRMTK, and what they essentially offer is the ability to have human marketing tasks done by software. It can involve a massive range of things, from bid prices for adverts, to how the user interacts with a website.

Long-Term Use of Programmatic Marketing

Get software to take over a certain task, and you gain a level of predictable behaviour. If behaviour is predictable, then it is measurable. You can pull a lot of consistently accurate big data from your marketing campaigns, which you may then use to improve your programmatic marketing campaigns for the future. In other words, using programmatic marketing methods can help you work towards improving your methods.

The Automated Buying And Selling Of Ad Space

Programmatic marketing has had its biggest effect within the affiliate advertising arena. Functions and features that affiliate advertising companies offer are based (mostly) on programmatic marketing methods. Being able to pick a town and have your adverts spawn for people in that town only is just one with that programmatic marketing is changing the way we do business and promotion on the Internet. It is also quicker, more efficient, scalable and privacy safe.

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