A Perfectionist’s Guide to E-commerce Startup Marketing

Much like any e-commerce business, startup marketing holds the key to promoting your products to the important customer base. Before getting started, you should pile up your products, take great pictures, write short but hard-hitting content and populate them to your fashion e-commerce site. Now, launch the site and wait for visitors to swarm in the right? Not enough, if it were that easy, every other e-commerce startup would be making millions immediately after its launch. A lot is going on in every startup’s marketing campaign behind the scenes to make it work. This guide will help you build a result oriented e-commerce fashion startup marketing:


Base Your Fashion E-commerce Campaign On The Following

Everyfashion e-commerce entrepreneurlikes to believe the world will fall for their products. In reality, this is not the case. In fact, despite your valiant efforts into promoting your products, only a small chunk of customers will be attracted to your products. In other words, your efforts of marketing your startup to the world will be a waste of money and time. Instead, you should identify the right market promote them aggressively. Try these steps to select the right market:

  • Competition – don’t try expanding into highly competitive markets, choose a segment that is saturated and has fewer competitors.
  • Wealth – look for a market that has enough money to spend on your fashion apparels.
  • Demographics – is your target a local or global, buyers would be male, female, children, and youth?
  • Uniqueness – focus on what benefits your product offers that your competitors don’t?

Once you’ve laid the foundation, it is time to move to the next step.

Allocate The Budget

Your entire e-commerce marketing campaign depends uponallocated budget. Take all the parameters of your marketing campaign into account and allocate the budget accordingly. Remember, whether to try to aim inbound marketing or outbound, both will cost you money. Setting the budget before starting the campaign will reduce limitations and help meet your estimated ROI.
Divide the budget according to your campaign priorities. For instance, if you think of your blog as the most powerful tool, give it the lion’s share. Perhaps you think developing an eBook as a better way to market your product, and allocate 30% budget for that? In either case, putting logistics before you decide to spend is an excellent idea.

Your Product Should Have These To Sell Like Hot Cakes

Influencer marketing is the new avatar of product promotion. Instead of focusing on several media platforms, why not bring in influencers to review your product? A single review will turn things upside down for your product. Similarly, make your influencer reach out for each aspect of your product. For instance, people want to have the most from their purchases, so your product should be durable and lasting.
Similarly, customers want to buy from an authentic brand to avoid cheap quality replicas so ensure them that your brand is authentic and genuine.Customers love to have choice of colors and sizes so your product should make several colors and size options available. Customers are often reluctant to make online payments due to fraud and theft, so give them a reason to pay for the product like post transaction processing or pay at delivery etc. Clients don’t want to end up wasting their money buying a poor quality product so tell them that you provide after sales and service for a limited time period.
Clients want quick delivery so make sure the product reaches them as quickly as possible. Lastly, they’ll ask for product warranty so that it can be repaired, replaced or refunded back if not found satisfactory. Back your product with warranty and satisfy them they have a great, lasting product in hand. In short, model your influencer review and see how it covers every aspect of the product. Here is an example.

Harness The Power Of Social Media

It is important to focus on social media and come up with a productive marketing strategy. Thinking you can master all social media platforms at once is a mistake and will not bring you desired results. After all, what worked for others might not work for you so choose a different path.
Instead, focus on select platforms and develop your strategy accordingly. For instance, Twitter is driven by customers that love to respond to links, while Facebook is powered by existing contacts who enjoy your content like videos, pictures, and posts.
Each social media platform works differently so it is pertinent to share suitable content that communities love to get involved with and share. Also, consider involving demographics before promoting your content on your chosen social media platform.

Plan Appropriate Keywords

Keywords play a pivotal role in any online marketing campaign. Marketers spend time thinking about words that customers may type to find a product. Likewise, they’ll strategically place keywords on the main site, blogs, and social media platforms. Mostly, keywords help build a list of phrases and words that are relevant to your brand.
The core keyword list often comprises five words that will summarize what your startup does. The core keywords or primary keywords are often accompanied with secondary keywords. The best keywords are those that weak competition but loads of traffic. It is better to try out different combinations of keywords into your marketing campaign and keep the content updated with new keywords. Doing so will help bring more traffic to your site and blog and will likely enhance your site’s search engine visibility.

Choose The Best Influencers

You know your marketing campaign needs all the help it can get. How about adding some of the most happening social media influencers? After all, they’re famous for a reason. Each of these influencers has mastered the art of social media and brings with them a huge fan following. Here are some of the top influencers that might bring your fashion apparel the much-needed fan following:

  • Amy Vernon – Mashable’s top rated social media maven and an established blogger, consultant, and speaker.
  • Jason Stone – followed by two million followers on Instagram. Stone has helped develop several popular Instagram communities.
  • Pat Flynn – the founder of Smart Passive Income website, Flynn, has a dedicated podcast following that is followed and listened by more than a million listeners every month.
  • Neil Patel – founder of communities like KISSmetrics, Crazy Egg, and Hello Bar. He is the best-selling NYT author and among top 100 entrepreneurs under the age of 30.

Each of these marketing influencers is at the top of their game and are following by millions around the world. Suffice to say that onboarding any of these will likely skyrocket the popularity of your fashion start-up marketing campaign.

Build Your Blog

Starting a blog can be quite simple, just download the software, upload it to your server and follow the instructions. Several types of blogging software are available on the web including:

  • WordPress
  • Blogger

Install a quality SEO plugin into your blog to let the best search engines like Google search and list your blog. You can also install other quality plugins of your choice. Afterward, setup tags and categories for the blog.
Once the backend of your blog is done, pay attention to its appearance and curb appeal. Hire a professional web designer to help improve the appearance of your blog to get more visitors. You can also check the most happening blog designs on the web and use them as an inspiration.

Tell A Great Story

People love to read stories – they capture and inspire imaginations. A great story is one that is authentic and is based on facts. Mostly, you are explaining facts to your audience in a delicious way.

Use consistencies and factual data and merge it with humor and interesting facts and you have a great story. It will hit your audiences where they want it most – their senses. The story should not be boring; rather it should grab the reader’s mind.

Set Up Performance Metrics

The core metrics tell you where your marketing campaign stands. Make sure the parameters are measurable so that you could check them from time to time. For instance, set the target of 100 sign ups every month, you can test the conversion rate when you want.

The idea is to calculate the conversion rate from customer response. Other helpful metrics include eBook downloads and newsletter subscriptions. Recording these metrics will help you determine the growth of your marketing campaign.

Customer Feedback

At the end of the day, your drive will show some loopholes which are normal. Adding a customer feedback page will provide you good input but is it enough? Perhaps you need more numbers to under the situation better? Keep in mind that more information leads to better awareness which helps to eliminate the communication barrier between customers and the company. So, using a proper, high-quality CRM tool instead of adding a customer feedback page on your site sounds a better proposition?
After all, CRM tools are designed to provide the best possible customer/ manufacturer interaction. Moreover, CRM tools are best if you employ them according to the goals of your marketing campaign. Also, make sure to use only a certified CRM tool.
Likewise, customer feedback can be a handy way to improve your products and services in the future. The more you value customer feedback, the more it will refine your products.
Planning an e-commerce start-up marketing campaign? Try these tested methods and see how more visitors turn to your startup.

If you have any questions, please ask below!