7 Steps to Drive Traffic to Your Website Through Social Media

Today it is impossible to be outside the information space, not have a mobile gadget and not use the Internet. This is important not only for communication and socialization (hundreds of millions of people use various social networks) but also for business. The percentage of online sales is constantly growing. A successful website is important for any activity: business, blogging, or advertising. You can use various methods of promoting the Internet and increasing popularity, but it is important to pay close attention to social networks. You can significantly improve traffic with the right approach.

Before we begin to describe tips for attracting social traffic, you need to understand and remember one important rule: your site must have high-quality, interesting, meaningful, and constantly updated content. Otherwise, if you get a new visitor, you can immediately lose him.

We give an example. Suppose you are preparing for a festive dinner, waiting for guests. What will you do to make the feast a success? Prepare a delicious menu and put your apartment in order. And if the food is inedible, the meeting place – uncleaned, messy, and just uncomfortable for a comfortable pastime? Most likely, the invitees will begin to get nervous and feel uncomfortable, and the next time they simply will not come to you again. The same thing happens with the “guests” of your site. Therefore, always keep in mind – first work with the material posted on the resource, and then attract new visitors.

Key Effect of SMM Promotion

The social media traffic is the result of SMM activities. SMM (Social Media Marketing) – a set of measures to use social media as channels for promoting companies and solving other business problems.

Social media turns into a channel if you create truly useful and engaging content. Fascination as a feature will also serve to increase the level of its “virality”. That is, the laid out materials should be so attractive to the target audience that users will repost them themselves. This is a key effect that you need to strive for.

It is noted that messages created by the company and transmitted by the users themselves are highly trusted by potential buyers of the product. And trust is the most important thing for modern business today, the victorious C2C.

#1 Choose the Right Social Network

So, for sure, you have a portrait of a potential user (client or buyer) – his age, social status, income level, etc. Therefore, it is important to pay the most attention to the social network where the greatest concentration of your potential customers is.

Facebook is perhaps the most balanced social network to date. The lion part of the solvent audience is concentrated in it. These are people who have taken place, but far from being conservative in their perception of a new product.

If you already started on Facebook, then do not be too lazy to deal with Instagram. These are integrated systems when it comes to setting up advertising campaigns. Instagram is now the most promising and fastest-growing social network for business. It was believed that it was suitable for trading inexpensive women’s goods, hand-made goods, and cheap services. Practice shows that through Instagram you can sell everything: consulting, training, expensive goods.

#2 Preparatory Phase – Gather Maximum Information

Before you take any steps, you need to develop a strategy. Therefore, it is important to learn more about specific social networks and conduct specific research. Try to answer the following questions.

  • Find out the demand for your product on social networks. To do this, use keywords with a hashtag.
  • If you have already done something: created groups, made public, then set your current position. How many groups, publics, subscribers, mentions do you have?
  • Clear the portrait of the target audience. If you have already formed a current customer base, conduct an ABCXYZ analysis.
  • Create a unique selling proposition and think out a thematic plan for posts.
  • Decide on the format of promotion: commercial, thematic, mixed
  • Decide where the traffic will go: to the site or directly to you from the social network.

#3 Choose the Optimal Format for Promoting

It is worth telling a little about how you can promote your product or attract a potential customer to the site. There are several marketing methods.

  • The commercial format involves the open sale of a specific product or service. Catalogs are placed, prices are set, promotions are held, discounts are given. This is the kind of online store.
  • The thematic format implies “disguise” as a socially significant public. It mainly publishes useful non-commercial information of interest to the target audience. At the same time, occasionally advertising proposals that arise from time to time in the feed are not associated with the creators of the public.
  • The mixed format allows a ratio of 50% of commercial information and 50% of useful content. At the same time, the creators of the public or group do not hide the fact that they offer their products to the audience.

#4 Creating Groups

The surest way to attract traffic from social networks is to create your group in one of them, or all at once. This is the most effective tactic. Groups are prepared for a specific audience, they very competently divide visitors into thematic classes, which allows you to conveniently find your users, without sorting a large number of them. Just imagine, about 35 million people visit such networks per day! Now think about how many potential buyers can get to your site if you organize the promotion on social networks correctly.

Creating a group from scratch is not necessary; there is the opportunity to buy a ready-made one with a large number of subscribers. Besides, you don’t have to spend much, and the traffic will “pour” faster than you can expect. And remember that gathering a large number of people is much easier in a thematic group of a social network than on a site, no matter how convenient it is.

In addition to your group, you can use similar resources of your partners on a social network, but you will have to pay for it. Or you can exchange a service for a service – this is also a very effective method. Try to find an option in which the costly part will be less, and the effect will not take long.

#5 Plan Your Expenses

Of course, you can minimize costs by increasing efficiency. But you need to understand that there is no free traffic with social networks. At a minimum, you have to spend your time. To quickly get a stream of quality leads, you have to pay with money. Let’s talk about several ways. Each has its pros and cons.

White Promotion

This method includes setting up targeted advertising, mutual PR, contests, polls, flash mobs, collaborations. All this is far from free. A small advertising campaign will cost $400-500. If you cannot configure it yourself, then you will have to pay the same amount to a specialist. And the price of an advertising post in a public opinion leader (a blogger with a large number of subscribers) can reach several thousand dollars. If you have the means, then white promotion can create an explosive effect – get high-quality leads.

Gray Promotion

Massfollowing and masslayking are methods of “gray” promotion. Massfollowing is when you massively subscribe to the pages of other people, and masslinking – you also massively like the posts of representatives of the target audience. This process is automated using appropriate software. Why is this needed? To attract attention, to interest. Perhaps then they will subscribe to you.

Shadow Promotion

Mass commenting is referred to as a “black” promotion, since the mass comments of what people do on social networks may simply not be pleasant to many, seem intrusive, and will block you.

#6 Saving and Enlarging of Traffic

So, you have already attracted a certain number of new users and customers to the site. But now these visitors need to be saved, to gain their trust and interest. Visitors should come to your site constantly, something should keep them and encourage them to return. How to achieve this? Consider some practical tips on how to not only lose but also increase the flow of visitors from social networks.

Content optimization

The above assessment mechanisms allow you to obtain data based on which you can optimize the content. Here you need to pay special attention to the following points:

  • Apply text, video materials, and photo content.
  • Identify the most interesting topics for visitors that they like.
  • Identify the best time to update content.
  • Find out which network brings the most traffic.
  • Work with the placement of social buttons.

Content Update

A visitor who has visited your site once must express a desire to look here again. And nothing should scare him away. To maintain his interest, you need to constantly update content. For Facebook, the best option would be to post twice a week, online stores should do this much more often. However, remember that a lot of new entries do not mean an increase in visitors, published materials should be interesting, relevant, and of high quality. Do not overdo it, otherwise, the effect will be the opposite, the main rule: less empty information – more meaning and benefit.

Hot topics

For your target audience, you need to select exactly the content that will be of interest to her. This allows you to retain visitors, who can also bring friends. Consider some helpful tips on how to select the most relevant topics:

  • Keep track of what’s popular on social media, especially on Google Trends.
  • Identify the articles your followers are likely to read.
  • Stay on top of popular blogs, learn and develop yourself to always be “on the crest of a wave” and keep up with current topics.


Retargeting tools will allow you to retain those visitors who are not new, but those who have already visited your resources, but never returned.


Social networks often resort to offers to promote the post. This method is especially effective for popular restaurants, online stores, news portals.

#7 A Few Simple Tricks and Nuances

In conclusion, we will give you some small tips that will also have a positive impact on traffic from social networks and help make your site more efficient.

  1. Change the group address in the settings from a numerical code to the company name.
  2. When creating posts, always use hashtags. This makes navigation easier for the user.
  3. Always include the brand name in the list of keys with hashtags for the post.
  4. If you have a physical address for the sales office, use geolocation. It’s easier to find you.
  5. Use the cross-posting tool in cases where the publication is relevant to all audiences of social networks.
  6. Track user posts mentioning brand names to like.
  7. Strive to create video content on YouTube regularly and post a link to it on social networks.
  8. Besides, use a tool such as live broadcasts. This is an extra consideration. Never neglect such opportunities.

Having a strategy and understanding of how you plan to make the site more popular, you can attract additional traffic to the site from social networks. We hope that these tips will be useful for your website and business.

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