6 Search Engine Marketing Tools Worth Checking Out

Both small businesses and large enterprises depend on search engine marketing. We aren’t talking about mastering SEO or building an expertise of marketing strategies, sales funnels, or building a snappy front/back-end.

We’re talking about search engine tools. Nobody, and I mean nobody, will find your site by typing in your URL in the taskbar.

You can have the smoothest design in the world. The most valuable, user-driven content imaginable. Your service or products may end up saving lives or, at the least, help someone’s day. Make life easier. Save time.

You can have all of that… yet… if your search engine marketing strategies aren’t up to par, all that time – that energy, that LOVE you have for your website? Gone. Like toilet paper being flushed down the toilet.

There are dozens of marketing tools to help your search engine practices, and they’re at your disposal – why not take advantage of them?

Online Marketing

1. Videolean

Videolean broadcasts itself as “The easiest way to make your professional video.” The topic of video sales letters outselling and converting better than written sales letters… is a hot one.

Some say the medium doesn’t matter – it’s the message that counts. I agree. To a point. The world is drowning in video – thanks to YouTube and Vimeo. Vine, Snapchat, Instagram. Video killed the radio star once upon a time.

And, when it comes to displaying your message for customers/users quicker, video is riding the train towards killing traditional sales letters.

One reason? The age. If you can make a 3-minute VSL… that states the same value of a sales letter that takes 10 minutes to read… It’s a no-brainer.

2. Pagewiz

Landing pages are everything. They make or break your users’ website experience. HubSpot went so far as to explain why landing pages are an indispensable part of marketing.

They’re the very first thing visitors to your site see. If you want to keep them, or generate leads, your landing page had better sell – and sell good.

Pagewiz lets you design one that does just that.

3. Google Webmaster Tools

This baby actually lets you “get the data, tools, and diagnostics needed to create and maintain Google-friendly websites and mobile apps.” You can see how, for yourself, by logging into your Google account and going to the Search Console.

This little baby even helps you identify the keywords your visitors used to get to your site. Is that incredible or what

4. Optimizely

“Optimizely makes it easy to test and personalize your website and mobile app.”

If you’re a serious marketer, you already know the value of A/B testing. So I won’t talk about that here.

No, what I’m going to suggest is you try out Optimizely for one simple reason. One selling point that reeled me in was this tidbit: “Act on your understanding of customers to deliver targeted, relevant experiences.”

Help you understand customers? Deliver relevant experiences? Targeted experiences?

That’s like getting the ear of Bob Smith in a crowded train-station by screaming “I have free pizza for Bob Smith!” If it’s your pizza, you now have Bob Smith’s pocket money. That’s insane.

5. Copyscape

It’s a hectic world out there. There are a ton of lazy people, too. People who, without conscience, will flat-out steal your content… reword it a bit… and claim creation for it… are a detriment to society. Not just businesses – society.

Especially if something they did in two minutes makes them money? Something that took you hours and hours of frustration to work out? That makes me want to throw a kitten out a window!

One tool that helps you fight the good fight and see if anybody’s stolen your content, is Copyscape. People are always going to steal. You’re always going to be fighting against that.

But in the words of the great Les Brown, “It’s not over until I win”.

6. Notify

How would you like it if you were kept in the loop each time someone talked about you and your business? Notify does just that – in real time!

Plus, it even notifies you (if you want it to) whenever someone mentions your online competition. Personally, this benefits me more than letting me know when people talk about me. Keeping tabs on your competitors lets you study what they’re doing, giving you time to focus on one-upping them and staying ahead!

If you have any questions, please ask below!